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Jaguar India Model Range Is Now Two Models – Sedans Discontinued

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Jaguar is set to undergo a significant transformation in the near future by shifting production from sedans and sports cars to SUVs. The move marks the end of an era for models such as the XE, XF and F-Type, which will cease production in a matter of weeks at the Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham.

Jaguar India now only offers three cars in India from the seven that were there earlier. The XF was listed on the website till date and now, even that is gone! The E-Pace never made it to India and the J-Pace never really made it close last stage prototype.

With the impending discontinuation of these models, the Jaguar lineup will now consist solely of SUV models, including the I-Pace, E-Pace and F-Pace, which will be on sale until 2024. Decision This strategic decision reflects Jaguar’s response to market developments needs and its commitment to tailoring its services to consumer preferences.

This transition marks a new chapter for Jaguar, with plans to introduce a range of electric vehicles from 2025.Among the upcoming models is a 600 horsepower four-seat electric GT, designed to compete with rivals such as the Porsche Taycan. Next up are a luxury SUV and a large luxury sedan, all built on Jaguar’s bespoke JEA platform, marking a departure from the company’s current range.

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Despite the impending discontinuation of the XE, XF and F-Type, customers will still have the option to order these models, albeit with specified specifications, until production is discontinued. Jaguar’s North America CEO, Joe Eberhardt, assured that there will be a continuous supply of vehicles until the launch of the new product line, ensuring a smooth transition for customers. Castle Bromwich will cease car production in June. However, delivery times for other British-made models remain uncertain. Jaguar will relocate production of its next electric vehicles.

Last year’s sales figures highlight the popularity of Jaguar models, with the XE and XF seeing significant sales increases compared to previous years. Even though it’s more than a decade old, the F-Type continues to attract interest.

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