Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk Offroading Capabilities Are Downright SAVAGE in this VIDEO! #MustWatch


Jeep Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk Offroading Capabilities are surreal and shows how much the brand focuses on EVERY ASPECT

The off-road version of the very popular Jeep’s luxury SUV has come into existence and we are about to let you guys know about its off-roading capabilities and see what the rig’s got besides its tough looks. Jeep 4×4 vehicles are trail rated to overcome most obstacles. Talking about Jeep’s off-road capabilities, legendary Jeep’s vehicle capability improves with the Selected Terrain traction control system, giving you five modes to tackle weather conditions, including snow.

In Rock mode the SUV gets locked key LSD which helps in even distribution of torque between the axle and then with different slip threshold the driver is in total control and wheel slips are avoided maintaining the traction.

Traction is also enhanced through the available Quadra-Trac II 4WD systems. Quadra-Trac II offers all-speed grip control via a two speed low transfer case that can quickly distribute power to the axle with most grip.

Planning to go sky high ? well not a problem, the Hill Ascent Control and the Hill Descent Control assists drivers with climbing and descending steep grades with an ease. Hill Descent Control helps you monitor throttle, speed and braking while travelling downhill and need it most. Hill Start Assist keeps your brakes applied after you’ve removed your foot from the brake to give your time to accelerate without rolling backwards.

Heavy duty Skid plates come as standard fitment on the vehicle and yes they play a important role in protecting your vehicle from underneath the vehicles to protect components as transfer case, oil pan, fuel tank and then we have rock rails onto the doors which give total body protection.


Quadra-Drive Electronic Limited Slip Differential puts power to where the most traction is at the rear wheels. This system also helps in controlling wheelspin, providing traction on demand and amount of power deliver where needed.

With the adaptive systems on the Cherokee Trail Hawk, Offroading can be easy thanks to the sand mode which limits traction control and maximizes engine rpm and loosens up our stability control and takes away all engine management. Throttle changes can be made a lot quicker due to calibrated throttle. Sports shifting helps to shift gears quicker and keeps them on hold to maintain momentum.

The Cherokee Trail Hawk Offroading vehicle also features additional electrical and body sealing along with high air intakes. This means no stopping at all. The Jeep can definitely do so much and yet it doesn’t shout about in the market, it lets its abilities speak for itself.

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