Kia Motors Inaugurates BEAT360: A brand experience center in India


Kia Motors India today launched ‘BEAT360’, a unique brand experiential center, which offers its visitors an essence of Kia Motors brand philosophy. The newly opened brand experience space is India’s first-of-its-kind innovative and immersive space that features specially curated zones to bring visitors closer to the brand’s futuristic vision and offers a unique insight into Kia’s brand DNA. The first BEAT360 was opened by Kia Motors in its home country in Seoul, South Korea, India is the first overseas market where this center is being launched. BEAT360- Delhi NCR will be followed by similar experience centers in other Indian metros.

Located amidst the busiest hub in Gurugram, BEAT360, and its design will grab the attention of passersby through the grand entrance facade that embodies the rhythmic beat through the red color used amidst three different perforation patterns. The three-zone brand immersion space situated at Cyber Hub, Gurugram, houses Surround media zone, Café and Mixed reality zone spread across 5,280 square feet. All of this is artistically designed to showcase Kia’s journey and help customers understand the brand, products, and philosophy more closely. The Surround zone engages the audience by showcasing Kia’s futuristic vision film through an impressive 11m wide surround screen.

Additionally, the visitors will experience a Kia car in motion through the turntable technology. The wooden Café zone provides a comfortable atmosphere to promote creative thinking over a complimentary delectable cup of artisanal coffee, tea and drinks. The visitors will get to experience cutting-edge Mixed Reality technology in the third zone, which will bring the audience closer to the brand and its products. Adding technology from the very beginning, the BEAT360 digital registrations will enable the visitors to easily access the different zones.

Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Kookhyun Shim, MD & CEO, Kia Motors India said, “Kia Motors is here in India to set new standards of brand immersion and consumer engagement. Consumers have been the primary focus for Kia Motors India, and since the beginning, we aimed to connect with them to offer a true Kia experience. Kia BEAT360 is a first-of-its-kind concept in India that envisions our futuristic methods of engaging with consumers, in line with the brand philosophy of ‘The Power to Surprise’. It is about imagination and inspiration– it is a visual representation of Kia’s brand values under one roof and has been curated to bring the customers much closer to the brand DNA.”

Beat in BEAT360 stands for BEATing of heart, 3 means three zones, 6 means six senses and 0 means no boundaries. 360 also represents all directions, meaning that we provide three-dimensional experience. BEAT360 houses engagement arenas like the Surround Media Zone, Mixed Reality Zone, and the Configurator Zone to enable the audience to customize and design a car of their dreams and witness its intricate detailing.

Kia Motors India inaugurates BEAT360, a first-of-its-kind brand experience center (1)

The larger idea behind BEAT360 is to enable customers to have experiences that go beyond the boundaries of conventional mobility and which truly resonate with the vision and values of Kia Motors. To bring this immersive hub to life, there is a Café zone at the facility. It is a fully dedicated space, where a variety of cultural events including brand immersion workshops, musical & entertainment gigs, industry expert meets among others, would be held to engage with enthusiasts from various walks of life to provide a pleasant Kia experience.

Owing futuristic products with sharp design elements, hi-tech features, strong consumer connect and widespread network, Kia Motors India has had an immensely successful debut in the market with Seltos emerging as the most preferred mid-SUV within its category.

Below are the highlights of Kia Motors’ key achievements in India:

· Garnered record bookings of 6,046 Seltos on the first day of bookings

· Set an unprecedented milestone by crossing 50,000 bookings in just two and a half months

· Already sold 13990 units in Aug-Sept post the launch on 22nd August

· Users exposed to the Kia ad on YouTube reported a 36% lift in Kia brand ad recall (Best in Auto Category)

· The brand launch TVC/video became most-watched ad on YouTube in India, within 8 weeks of launch

· Accumulated video views for Seltos campaign – 422 Mn (till Sep’19), emerged as the highest watched TVC on YouTube in August 2019

Since its arrival in India, Kia Motors has consistently offered an immersive brand experience to the customers to create a unique identity in the Indian market. The brand has been able to connect with its customers through exciting campaigns, initiatives and especially with innovative sporting campaigns, where the brand reignited the passion for two of the most loved sports globally – tennis and football in India, by bringing two of its global assets, the FIFA Official Match ball carrier program (#KiaOMBC), Kia Australian Open International Ballkids Program (#KiaChampsatAO) and Partnership with Bengaluru Football Club (#KiaDrivesBFC), to engage with thousands of sports enthusiasts and potential buyers.

To showcase Kia’s core design DNA, the brand took a never-seen-before approach for its official brand launch campaign ‘Magical Inspirations, Stunning Designs’, that has set a new benchmark in the Indian automobile industry. Conceptualized on the most profound insight that there are unique inspirations behind every Kia design, Kia Motors India created a stir in the industry and most importantly, showcased the brand philosophy of ‘The Power to Surprise’. To further bring the true brand experience to its potential buyers, Kia Motors India conducted the second phase of its Design Tour in 26 cities over a span of two months covering 15,000 kms distance to showcase of Kia’s long-term commitment and dedication to the Indian market.

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