KTM PRO-XP App Launched For Apple and Android!


KTM, the world’s #1 premium motorcycle brand, announced the launch of its ‘KTM PRO-XP’ App to digitize biking experiences for the owner community.
The KTM PRO-XP App allows the riders to record and track their riding experiences with metrics like number of trips, distance, pictures, and maps across time. Owners can start a ride, or search and join rides of fellow KTM owners. The App facilitates seamless creation of automated travel stories and videos.

The owners can also connect with like-minded KTM riders through the App and share their experiences with the owner community. The ‘Discover’ tab on the App allows riders to book KTM’s curated PRO-XP events which cover a range of exclusive, exciting, premium and differentiated riding experiences, across Off-Road Adventure, Street and Track. The app has been developed in partnership with KOGO, India’s leading roadtrips platform.

Speaking on the occasion Sumeet Narang, President (Probiking) at Bajaj Auto Ltd. said “The new KTM PRO-XP app is designed for new age bikers who want to amplify their biking experiences through recording, sharing and engaging with other KTM owners. It’s a unique platform where bikers can announce their rides, join each other, and record special moments for sharing. It’s the one-stop destination for bikers to engage with one another, document their rides, set up groups or sign up for specially curated KTM led pro-experiences. We are sure KTM owners will love this app and add a new dimension to their biking passion.”

Owners can download the KTM India app, on Google Play Store and Apple App store. The app houses 2 sections – KTM PRO-XP & KTM_SERVICE.

Android LINK
Apple LINK

2022-India-KTM RC 390 (8)

An overview of the key features in the KTM PRO-XP App are:
Record: Riders will be able to record and track every ride. Key metrics like distance and saddle time will be calculated during the ride. Riders can check out the dashboard for more interesting measuring parameters. The ‘Automated Storytelling’ feature helps the rider to focus on the ride by automating the story template, captions, and map for the story.

Connect: Riders can be a part of something bigger; a part of a movement to become better bikers. KTM riders can now get together with like-minded owners, discuss about bikes and biking, plan their next ride, join groups, and interact in multiple other ways.

Share: Riders can make every ride memorable and share it with the world, follow other riders and check out their journey through a live feed. They can create moments that will last them a lifetime, relive and revisit them whenever they want.

Book KTM Pro Experiences: Riders can explore the full potential of their KTM; which is why KTM has designed a mind-blowing range of curated experiences across Trail, Track and Tarmac, all designed & guided by KTM Experts to help the riders become Pro-bikers.

Owners can check out how the app works on here

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