Mahindra DigiSense Launch Commenced For It’s Entire Range of Vehicles


Mahindra DigiSense is not just for the passenger market and is for the entire Mahindra group of vehicles which includes everything

Mahindra Group today launched Mahindra DiGiSENSE, a technology solution that connects Mahindra vehicles, tractors, trucks and construction equipment to the cloud. All of this makes the company the first OEM in India to integrate its product line-up on to a cloud-based technology platform. DiGiSENSE will basically end up helping owners, fleet operators of Mahindra vehicles with a lot of information. Dealers and service teams can use it to use vital information about their vehicles, trucks, tractors or construction equipment on a real-time basis from a remote distance as well.

For example, the program can help let you know about performance and location of their vehicles. Drivers can also contact emergency breakdown services or pull up a route planner at the touch of a button. Fleet owners and dealers can then track the location of their vehicles in real-time. Meanwhile remote diagnostics and reports allow service teams to monitor the vehicle’s health and productivity limits, on a real time basis.

DiGiSENSE is a cloud-based technology platform for its entire mobility sector. The same platform is customized to suit different applications and different sets of customers. Keeping Pace with the digital world that it is today, DiGiSENSE is an open-architecture platform that will be upgraded and fixed for bugs and updates.


Key Features of DiGiSENSE will help drivers in route planning & Delivery tracking for commercial and fleet owners. Vehicle utilization reports will help owners keep track of their cars, fleets and commercial vehicles and can get sensitive data all the time. Trip optimization will make sure the journey is fast and smooth for personal and commercial vehicles. Alerts & Machine hour operations will begin when needed and can save time and diagnoses upon approach. Geo fencing will help owners, driver keep real time and live updates of vehicle movements and access it from their mobile phones that remotely.

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