Mahindra World Of SUV Showroom Is In Built In The Already Existing One


Mahindra today showcased its World of SUVs, a new format, next generation dealership to redefine the customer purchase experience. A transformation experience in automotive retail, the company has already set up over 300 such World of SUVs across the country, within a record time span of 6 months. The company envisioned the future to shape a breakthrough in brand and customer experience and presented the World of SUVs. It is a new format dealership that redefines customer experience, thanks to digital technologies and interventions. It is aptly themed around the Mahindra DNA of ‘Live Young, Live Free.’

The World of SUVs fortify Mahindra’s engagement in the pre-purchase and purchase stages by integrating the virtual world with the real on a phygital (physical+digital) platform, alongside a robust backend mechanism. Apart from the new look and feel, the World of SUVs will harness the power of digital aides for an immersive customer experience. New generation, future look dealerships At Mahindra’s World of SUVs customers can get an elevated experience of design along with technological interventions, thereby creating an aspirational engagement. The revamping of the dealership is in line with the Mahindra DNA of tough and rugged and is conceived around the theme of ‘LIVE YOUNG LIVE FREE’

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o For example, Hexagon represents the shape of DNA. Hence the hexagonal design forms have been aptly carried forward across the dealership touchpoints as an expression of the DNA of Mahindra SUVs.
o Wi-Fi connected, luxurious Customer Lounges and Re-Fuel counters add to customer delight
o VIP treatment for each vehicle on display
o High-end Display Area – A display zone for high end SUVs such as Alturas G4, it comes with an immersive virtual reality experience for the customer, along with TV screens for mirroring.
o The mirroring of the tablets content on 86 inch screens enables the entire family to get the immersive experience
o Additional convenience with embedded screens and virtual reality with mirrored displays.
o This zone also has specially trained Relationship Managers for a personalized experience.
Sales Assistance aided through digital Interventions – This ensures clutter free space and paperless interaction through:
o Industry first virtual reality experiences
o Tablets – to capture customer information & provide an immersive demo to the customers
o Digital info panel alongside every vehicle to ensure utmost transparency,
o Sales genie application to capture enquiries
o Personal voice assistance in test drive vehicles
o Ease of scheduling test drives, anytime, anywhere
o Dress Yourself ‘Mahindra Style’ unit for merchandise and accessories zone

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