Maxxis Tyre Wins ‘A-Design’ Award – Shares Tyre Maintain Tips During Lockdown


The national lockdown has curbed the movement of people making the vehicles unused for an extended period. Any machine which is left unused is bound to give trouble when restarted. Hence, it becomes important to maintain our objects to enhance longevity. In these troubled times, all of us want to know ways of taking care of our vehicles, but we often forget that tyres form an integral part of the juggernaut and it’s equally imperative to take care of the tyres as well.

Tyres do not like sitting in the same position for too long, because the weight of the car on the tyre can cause a flat spot. So, if you have space and it is safe to do so, you can also push your car forwards or backwards occasionally, so the weight is not on the same spot.

Here are the tips from MAXXIS TYRES on how to increase shelf life of tyres during the Lockdown period:

Normally, we do not want to over-inflate our tyres because that reduces grip. However, doing so reduces the risk of flat spots, just do not go over the recommended limit.

If over-inflation is not possible, try keeping your 2-Wheeler vehicle on main stand, so tyres do not touch the ground to minimize flat spot. And for 4-Wheeler vehicles, we could push the vehicle forward/backwards once a week by 5m-10m to avoid flat spot.

Park your vehicle in covered area, so tyres do not come in direct contact with sunlight or UV rays.

You can use your new-found free time to give your tyres a clean and dressing to protect from road grime or UV light that might eat away at the rubber. While you are down there, you can give them a quick check for damage and tread life, too.

Maxxis T Razr-05

Also, T Razr Transformative Tyre by Maxxis has become the Winner of the World’s Most Prestigious and Influential Design Accolade ‘A’ Design Award & Competition’for the Best Automotive Accessories and Car Care Products Design category.

Conceptualised in 2018 in Taiwan, this 656mm x 240mm x 656mm T Razr tyre is developed for actively detecting different driving conditions and providing active signals to transform the contact area of the tyre to improve traction performance. The sport mode is designed for providing extra control ability on the tyres for the drivers to cope with unexpected road conditions whereas the charging function providing electricity the tyres need for transforming.

Commenting on this achievement , Mr. Jason Hong, R&D manager, Maxxis Tyres said, “It’s a matter of immense pride for the entire Maxxis family. This feat highlights Maxxis strong leadership and excellence in producing world-class, globally acclaimed tyres. T Razr is a tyre developed for actively driving conditions and providing active signals to transform the contact area of the tyres. T Razr not only provides extra control ability to cope with unexpected road conditions but also enhances the traction performance, which also guarantees the car with more stable handling while accelerating, decelerating, braking, and cornering. On the other hand, it also improves the strength of battery by restoring the power generated in driving. The award inspires us to further innovate to produce the world’s most enduring and smart tyres.”

Maxxis Rubber India, a sub-company of Maxxis Group, today inaugurated its first manufacturing facility in Sanand, Gujarat

As one of the participants of the A’Design Award and Competition, Maxxis outperformed many competitors by utilizing its innovative design. Not only Maxxis was honoured in Italy with the 2020 Silver A’ Design Award, but also was highly recognized worldwide for the industry’s Most Coveted Design Awards.

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A’ Design Award, recognizing the excellent and original design work from across the globe, is the highest achievement in design, a source of inspiration for award-winning designers, artists, architects, brands and design agencies.

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