Menza Motors sets up Vehicle charging stations


Menza Motors sets up Vehicle charging stations along the Yamuna expressway leading to the Taj Mahal to promote electric vehicles in the future

The Indian government announced last year an ambitious target to impede the sales of internal combustion engine vehicles by the end of the year 2030. In a bid to support this motion and speed up the electric vehicle adoption Menza Motors an electrical automobile manufacturing company has set up vehicle charging stations along the Yamuna Expressway leading up to the iconic Taj Mahal. Established in public domains, this service is free for public use. The company that believes in change, curates products keeping in mind the very essence of human emotions; which is to seek pleasure through motorcycle riding.

The charging stations are stationed at three prominent locations. The Motozeil Cafe – Gurgaon, Jolly Go – Jhevar Toll and Taj Inn Hotel- Agra. The company will be collecting data and upgrading chargers to fast chargers wherever needed. The chargers that are being set up are not only compatible with Menza Motor’s vehicles but with any other brands electric vehicle.

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The company is currently, seeking support from the government and real estate companies managing Highway tolls and public conveniences in their mission to help electrify India and make EV charging a highway public convenience by 2020. It is supplying an average electric range of Li-ion powered vehicles nearing 100 Kms, people can charge their vehicles while they grab a coffee or have a snack.

The project is geared at setting up charging stations at a 70-80KM distance. Menza Motors is also creating awareness as well as imparting education that caters to the user’s need for understanding the electric vehicle development which so far no other manufacturer has been capable of doing. The next ride from Guwahati to Shillong is planned soon after Auto Expo 2018.

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