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MG and Vertelo sign MoU – New Summer Accessories Available

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MG (Morris Garages), a British automobile brand with a 100-year-old legacy, launches its all-new Summer Accessories Range designed for its portfolio of cars. This newly introduced range is specifically crafted to keep customer drives cool and comfortable during the hot summer months, ensuring an enhanced driving experience while protecting the vehicle. The accessories included in this range are tailored to meet the unique needs of MG car owners, promising both functionality and style.

The Summer Accessories Range includes:

Sunshades: Custom-fit sunshades are now available for Gloster, Hector, Astor, ZS EV, and Comet models, offering maximum UV protection. Designed to perfectly fit the contours of the MG’s windows, these sunshades provide superior protection against harmful UV rays, keeping the interior cool and preventing sun damage to the upholstery and dashboard. Unlike generic sunshades, MG’s custom-fit sunshades ensure a snug fit, providing optimal coverage and an aesthetically pleasing look.

Price: Hector/Hector Plus – Rs 3,999/-, ZSEV/Astor – Rs 4,449/-, Gloster- Rs 4,739/-, Comet EV- Rs 1,999

Car Cover: For Gloster, Hector, Astor, ZS EV, and Comet models, an all-weather, breathable car cover has been introduced. Crafted from premium materials, this car cover shields the vehicle from sun, rain, and dust. Its advanced fabric technology not only protects the car from external damages but also allows moisture to escape, preventing mold and mildew buildup, ensuring the MG looks pristine no matter where it’s parked.

Price: Hector / Hector Plus (Silver) – Rs 2,649/-, ZSEV/Astor – Rs 2,299/-, Gloster- Rs 3,199/-, Comet EV- Rs 1,849

MG_Hector Blackstorm_Interior Front Dashboard_Png

Refrigerator: Perfect for long summer drives, a compact, high-efficiency car refrigerator is now available for Gloster, Hector, Astor, ZS EV, and Comet models. This refrigerator keeps beverages and snacks cold throughout the journey, combining portability with style. Designed to fit seamlessly, it offers a blend of convenience and sophistication with a high-efficiency cooling system that minimizes power consumption while maximizing performance.

Price: For all variants – Rs 25,000/-

Ventilated seats: Available for Gloster models, featuring an integrated ventilation system that circulates cool air through the seat cushions. This ensures passengers remain comfortable and sweat-free even on the hottest days. Unlike traditional seat coolers, MG’s ventilated seats are seamlessly integrated into the car’s design, providing a luxurious cooling experience without bulky add-ons.

Price: Gloster BLACKSTORM – Rs 9,189

Cooler and Warmer Holder: A dual-function cooling and warming holder, available for Gloster, Hector, Astor, ZS EV, and Comet models, ensures beverages are always at the perfect temperature. Using advanced thermoelectric technology, it efficiently cools down or heats up beverages within approximately 30 minutes, keeping drinks cool at 6°C or warm at 55°C (with room temperature at 26°C). MG’s Cooler and Warmer Holder combines robust aluminium construction with cutting-edge thermoelectric cooling and heating capabilities, offering optimal beverage temperature control with a sleek design and quiet operation.

Price: For all variants – Rs 8,399/-

Mg gloster black storm desert storm (1)

As MG continues to innovate, its commitment to enhancing the driving experience remains steadfast. With the introduction of its exclusive summer accessories range, MG India offers its customers the opportunity to embrace the season with added comfort and convenience. From custom-fit sunshades to high-efficiency car refrigerators, each accessory is designed to ensure a cooler and more enjoyable journey for MG owners. By prioritising customer comfort and satisfaction, MG India reaffirms its dedication to providing quality products that elevate the driving experience.

JSW MG Motor Merger Complete - New Products Every Six Months Planned!

MG also announced that it has inked an MoU with Vertelo, a Macquarie-managed integrated fleet electrification platform, funded by Green Climate Fund. This partnership includes the delivery of 3,000 MG electric vehicles to Vertelo in a phased manner. Focused on providing the sustainable mobility solutions to riders, the partnership will also work towards establishing a robust EV charging infrastructure in the country.

Gaurav Gupta, Chief Growth Officer, MG India, said, “MG is constantly working towards offering electric mobility solutions and strengthening the EV infrastructure. This partnership between MG India and Vertelo demonstrates a shared vision for a green and sustainable future with decarbonisation in India. We also believe that this collaboration will augment our endeavours to offer advanced e-mobility solutions for passengers and boost the faster adoption of EVs in the country.”

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