Listen To All The Modified Dominar 400 Exhaust Notes With Aftermarket Units


Modified Dominar 400 Exhaust seen in these videos are IXIL, Akrapovic and custom units that are fitted to the motorcycle

We all love modifying our beloved motorcycles in one way or the other. Let it be putting some stickers on it, pin stripes, changing the color, putting wraps on it is the latest thing. Next comes the things you put to make sure your daily commute is hassle free or hardcore touring aftermarket units have to be bolted on. There are LED lights, custom made panniers cages, top box, tank bags and much more that some of us do.

Dominar 400 is no exception and we have seen it all till date. Touring package on the bike, there are Dominar with various color schemes on offer at various outlets that offer these services. However, some like to do mechanical changes as well. ECU tuning, putting aftermarket exhaust, changing tyres to better options and other technical changes. Dominar 400 since day one isn’t in the need of much but we still have seen it all. Today, we have all the after market exhaust that are fitted to Dominar 400 around the country in these four videos for now.

There are four types two of them are custom and other two belong to specific brands. While most people are opting for after market exhaust as we can see on the streets with the Dominar, these are some examples that may help you get the best idea if you are swapping your heavy and original stock exhaust for these good looking and rather sweet sounding units. We, personally think the Dominar 400 stock exhaust note is quite good as it raspy, very throaty and bassy already. These units do enhance to all of that but also changes the entire character. Have a look and hear these exhaust notes and tell us which one do you like?

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