Okinawa Home Delivery For Customers Begins – Favorable Policies Boost EV’s in India


Okinawa has announced a unique home delivery service of e scooters for buyers in Bangalore City. The company aims to offer convenience to its buyers by providing this service absolutely free of cost. The brand has associated with its channel partners to enable doorstep delivery of EVs in the city.

“With the COVID 19 outbreak, it is understood that there is a dire need of change in the operations. We at Okinawa are working towards the adoption of safety mechanism. We had issued an advisory recently, that ensured proper sanitization of products at the assembly unit and after delivery at the dealerships. A standard operating procedure was advised to dealers also. While we took these measures, we simultaneously started working on digitizing the procedures to the best extent. Hence, we launched an e-commerce website. Even dealership application procedures have been digitized. The new doorstep-delivery service would ensure that the customer does not have to travel outside to receive the product. Also, the proper sanitization of the product would be ensured along with the temperature check of the delivery person,” said Mr Jeetender Sharma- MD and Founder, Okinawa.

Since the COVID 19 outbreak, Okinawa has been relentlessly working towards introducing easy and safe procedures to its stakeholders. The brand recently launched an online booking of products through its website to reduce physical interaction in the process. The new doorstep delivery service is another initiative by the company in the same direction. The service will be applicable to all the booking made through the Okinawa website. The entire course would involve minimum contact. The service begins on August 15, 2020, in Bangalore city. The brand further plans to replicate the service in other cities pan India on the basis of results experienced in Bangalore.

Okinawa Ridge

Further to the government announcement allowing sales of electric vehicles without batteries earlier in which Okinawa head had to say: “It is a motivation to see the government working towards accelerating adoption of electric mobility. The policy now allows selling electric vehicles without batteries. This widens the scope for manufacturers and buyers both. We are swiftly adopting the much-needed flexibility and comfort in the EV ecosystem. Tax rebates will help drive the demand better. This is also expected to reduce the overall cost of acquisition of the product by saving an amount in the vehicle registration procedure, thus offering affordability. We look forward to more such industry boosting policies,” said Mr Jeetender Sharma- MD and Founder, Okinawa

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