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Ola Experience Center Reach Double By Jan 2023

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Ola Experience Center has been opening up around the country as Ola Electric plans of reaching to customers physically Ola Electric’s CEO said in a December press conference where the company had showcased their MoveOS3 software. A third update to the scooter since its inception with a lot of feel-good and important features. Ola also said that they will be doubling their reach of experience centers from 100 to 200 in number in 2023 at the same time.

CEO Bhavish has now given it a date. 26’th January 2023, Ola will have had 200 experience centers popping up nationwide according to the tweet from CEO’s Twitter account. Ola also said that these will be factory outlets and that they will not be franchising their dealerships any time soon at the same December press conference. Bhavish Aggarwal also said they want to keep connected with the customer as direct as possible.

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Ola Experience Center is now critical for the brand’s success because now Hyper charging, an acronym for fasting charging at Ola is now active on Ola scooters. Ola will very likely install these fast chargers at these Ola Experience Centers and help customers with range anxiety and customers who want quick charging during their journeys.

Ola Experience Center Reach Double By Jan 2022

Primarily, physical dealerships will offer their traditional strengths of test drives, customer queries, and direct connections that consumers crave. Ola did say they never just wanted to sell online, dealerships would come and they are now here. Ola MoveOS3 plays a vital role for the company as does the experience center. Ola is already number one in electric scooter sales and this should help them maintain its lead as competitors gear up for the same.

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