Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Ola S1 To Soon Get New Concert Mode with MoveOS 4, Bhavish Aggarwal Drops Teaser

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Ola Electric has been making constant changes and improvements to the S1 electric scooter range and the next upgrade will bring the new “Concert Mode” to the vehicle. As per CEO Bhavish Aggarwal’s latest tweet, the company is working on a new Concert Mode for the Ola S1 range that takes the Party Mode to another level. The new Concert Mode promises to sync several Ola S1 scooters in close proximity to play music and lights together. Ola is expected to roll out the feature with MoveOS 4 upgrade.

Bhavish Aggarwal shared a video that demonstrated what the feature would look like. The teaser also confirms the arrival of MoveOS 4 which is expected to bring a host of other features and bug fixes to the electric scooter. The Party Mode and now the Concert Mode are all literal gimmicks and while they do look cool, it does not change your riding experience in any way.

In fact, we have our reservations about the Party trick itself with a few owners having little sense of keeping the volume low around school zones, hospitals and even late hours in residential areas. As much as we appreciate technology, nobody wants the tech to be an annoyance to other people. If you are an existing S1 user, we will recommend being more mindful before using the Party Mode or the Concert Mode in the future.

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Apart from the Concert Mode, Ola could also bring ADAS to the S1 in the future. The company previously shared a video testing out the feature, which would be a first for any electric scooter and make a big difference in the way we ride.

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