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Reise Moto tripR Tyres Review – A New Comfort Pattern

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Reise Moto tripR tires approached us and said if they could send new tyres for a scooter. We have a trust old Suzuki Access since 2011 which is still running like a peach. We tried out the new 10-inch 90/100 tubeless tires on the scooter. My scooter has served me well with the last five sets of tires on it. This means, one should understand the difference rather instantly, and these new tyres did that.

Reise Moto tripR Tyres Review - A New Comfort Pattern

After fitting the new tripR tires, the Swish now feels a little more balanced than before. In a straight line it feels much grippier and having the J rating for a scooter is quite normal considering the limit of the scooter and the tyre is the same, which is 100 km/h. The angled shoulder blocks, you feel significantly safer when cornering. However, turning into a corner isn’t as easy as before, but that’s to be expected given the tread pattern. The offset seems to be worth it as the confidence level has gone higher.

There have been a few instances where I’ve had to venture into pothole terrain due pothole covers can never be really fixed in Mumbai and that’s where these tires really stood out for me. At no point did the scooter appear to be out of contact patch and the cushioning effect was higher. This was confirmed by entire family of well fed male individuals.

So we were running a Ceat GRIPP X3 treads before putting on the Reise tripR and was glad to see that no considerable drop in the mileage of around 44-47kmpl riding the scooter we normally do. All in all, very impressive tyre that’s in decent price bracket like its rivals. It looks like Reise Moto seems to getting off the line quickly with homework done right. The tripR scooter tyres are highly recommended.

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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