Royal Enfield Implements Dry Wash In Chennai To Save Water In City Amid Crisis


In a move to do its bit amidst the severe water crisis that the city is facing, Royal Enfield today announced a major shift to motorcycle dry wash systems across all their 20 service centers in Chennai. The implementation of this system will help save approximately 18 lakhs liters of water every month. Chennai everyday needs about 800 millions of litres of water, but currently, the public water board has been able to supply only 525 million liters. Royal Enfield is the first two-wheeler company to create an effective balance between enhanced customer experiences and environmental sustainability.

Chennai is Royal Enfield’s bastion market and we are fully committed to doing our bit in the time of this adversity by adopting a firm alternative. Dry wash is a great technological advancement which reduces water consumption without compromising on wash quality and lessens the servicing time per vehicle. We have piloted this initiative in Chennai owing to the water scarcity situation and we plan to take this to other cities in Tamil Nadu as well in the near future,” he added

The dry wash system involves using comparatively lesser quantity of water without compromising on the quality of cleaning. The final wash quality will be at par with the conventional method while saving a lot of water which can, in turn, be used to support the people of Chennai. Royal Enfield has an expansive service network in the country with over 900+ workshops across more than 600+ towns and cities.

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