Royal Enfield MIY For Apparels Launched – Make It Yours Initiative


For decades, Royal Enfield motorcycles have been a canvas for customization and personalization, as riding enthusiasts, artists, and customisers across the world have customised their Royal Enfields to reflect their own unique personalities, truly making it their own. Inspired by this, Royal Enfield introduced the Make It Yours initiative – MiY, an inventive and unique motorcycle personalization tool, along with the Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

Following enthusiastic consumer response to MiY for the Meteor, the Classic and the 650 Twin motorcycles, Royal Enfield today announced the launch of MiY initiative for its range of apparel and gear as well. With MiY for apparel, consumers and riding enthusiasts will now be able to personalize their riding and lifestyle essentials such as helmets and t-shirts, by visiting Store.royalenfield.com.

With MiY for apparel, consumers now have an exciting range of personalization options across helmets and t-shirts. There are now more than 7,000 distinctive options to personalize one’s helmet, and more than 15,000 options to personalize t-shirts using text, decals, graphics, colours, and several other choices.

Users will now be able to personalize their helmets on the basis of shape (shell), colour palettes, internal fabric options, decals (graphics) and visors among others. The program also allows customers to personalize their helmet by letting them add text of their choice to their helmets, with up to 14 and 20 characters in the 1st and 2nd row respectively.

Royal Enfield MIY For Apparels (1)

T-shirts can be customized based on the color, badges, diverse prints and much more. In addition to this, consumers can experiment with characterized attributes such as adding text (upto 15 characters on the front and the back of the t-shirt), motorcycle number on the number plate, along with the motorcycle model they wish to display on their T-shirt.

Customers will now be able to avail benefits of the MiY program at a starting price of INR 3200 for helmets and from INR 1250 for t-shirts respectively. The customized apparel and gear will be delivered to customers within a period of 15-30 days. The MiY offering can be availed from Royal Enfield’s official online store at Store.royalenfield.com and will soon be available at Royal Enfield dealership stores also.

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