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Shardul ‘Shas’ Sharma First Indian To Enter Red Bull Romaniac – Most Difficult Enduro Rally

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Shardul ‘Shas’ Sharma, who’s a competitive rally motorcyclist and a veteran of 15 Indian rally events, including the Raid De Himalaya. Shas now has been recently placed third in the Red Bull “Ace of Dirt” event, fighting through a field of international competitors, including Dakar athletes. He’s now been invited to compete in Red Bull Romaniacs – the only Indian to receive such an invitation to compete. This is a pretty big deal, and we hope the Indian audience can show him some support, as you have with other mad pilots
such as Ashish and Santosh.

With an illustrious 18-year history, the 19th edition of Red Bull Romaniacs will take place on July 26th, 2022. Red Bull Romaniacs is regarded as the world’s most difficult enduro rally. Only 10% of participating motorcyclists complete the extremely difficult route. Martin Freinademetz, the event’s organiser, explored the Carpathian Mountains on his bike for many years before coming up with this unique, taxing and intense race in 2004, featuring tracks never previously ridden by offroad motorcyclists. This race is distinguished by its difficult terrain, which includes hills, valleys, mountains, and rocky terrain. It is a test of the participants’ technical ability, endurance and strength. It has recently experienced a spike in popularity, and the field of participants will include pilots from 60 countries.

Shardul ‘Shas’ Sharma First Indian To Enter Red Bull Romaniac - Most Difficult Enduro Rally (3)

Shardul Sharma, better known as ‘Shas,’ is a 28-year-old motorsport athlete, and the only Indian to receive an invitation to compete in the prestigious Red Bull Romaniacs enduro rally. Growing up in the Garhwal region in an average, middle-class Indian family, the mountains and severe terrain of Uttarakhand spurred his motorsport ambitions. He is one of the country’s youngest professional riders and is fully self-taught. He has 15 rally victories to his name, as well as various other titles, including the Raid de Himalayas, the Indian National Rallying Championship, and the Sjoba Rally.

Shardul ‘Shas’ Sharma First Indian To Enter Red Bull Romaniac - Most Difficult Enduro Rally (2)

His performance has always been commendable wherever he has competed. He’s also fondly known as the ‘Mountain Goat,’ thanks to his intimate knowledge of the Himalayan terrain. To Shas, motorsport is more than a hobby; it is a way of life. He finished third in Redbull Ace of Dirt among international riders, defeating Dakar winners and other top 60 Indian riders. Shardul Sharma will be the first Indian to compete in the Iron Class of Red Bull Romaniacs.

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