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Skoda Diesel Cars India Come Back Insight Confirms Manufacturer

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Skoda India is all set to take a big step forward in the Indian auto market by reintroducing diesel engine options with the new generation Superb. Petr Janeba, head of international sales at Skoda Auto, confirmed the development, which marks a strategic shift for the brand to meet changing consumer needs. With the EV not making a dent globally, the diesel and hybrid production will be in focus and some units can come to India too! This is a big news as fans have been waiting for the diesels to come back every single day since its discontinuation.

The decision to bring back diesel engines comes after Skoda quietly suspended Superb production in India last year due to the implementation of BS6 phase 2 emission norms. With the intention of testing on land, Skoda plans to reintroducing the Superb diesel through a fully built model. up (CBU), with first shipments expected later this year.

The move represents a departure from Skoda’s previous stance, which was that the company chose to abandon diesel engines globally as it planned to phase out diesel vehicles. However, with high demand for diesel cars, especially in the SUV segment, despite stringent emission norms, Skoda aims to serve this market segment while also meeting regulatory standards .

As part of its ‘India 2.0’ strategy, Skoda has performed well in the Indian market, but only offers petrol engine options in its product range. The decision to reintroduce diesel engines could be a response to the continued demand for diesel cars in certain segments. The 2024 Superb, launched globally last November, offers six engine options internationally, including three gasoline engine options, two diesel engines and one plug-in hybrid electric vehicle ( PHEV).

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However, when it comes to India, it is expected to offer two engine options: a domestically produced 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine and a fully imported diesel version. Who can’t wait to see the return of diesel engines in VW Group cars? Expect them to be limited to just a unit or two in all VW group cars. The twin injection AD blue technology the VW group has pioneered was meant to make a big come back in world market’s and it has finally seems on the path to get it.

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