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Spinny Digital Push Enables Them To Complete 41% Of The Purchases Online

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Underlining the significant growth in the used-car segment, Spinny released its Q1 trend report 2022. The report highlights several interesting insights about pre owned car buying across India. Owing to the enormous demand for contactless purchasing in the used-car industry, Spinny saw substantial growth in the first quarter of 2022. The brand’s purpose is to create a credible, efficient and reliable ecosystem for car owners in the used-car market space.

The report observed that over 55% of car buyers are first time buyers. They are in the age bracket of 25 to 40 years, average being 31 years. The company insights sees multiple factors and trends fueling this growth. Some of these trends include the accelerated shift of automobile buying and selling online, rising demand in the metro cities, progressive gender shifts, increased consumer preference towards vehicle ownership & used car buyers opting for financing.

Spinny’s business growth came on the back of several of these trends. In terms of favored brands, the country’s leading brands hold sway on as well with Maruti, Hyundai and Honda cars being home-delivered most often. Among model types, hatchbacks reign supreme in Spinny buyers wishlists, followed by sedans and then SUVs.

Speaking on Spinny’s Q1 insights, Niraj Singh – A car is no longer a novelty, and increasingly in urban India, it is being regarded as a necessity. Through the pandemic and its aftermath, Spinny has stayed focused on its home deliveries and home test drives with our campaign – #WithExtraCare. The market has witnessed a tremendous hike in digital purchase. With our focus on the pillars of Spinny Assured® designed to include quality, standardization and the greatest degree of customer-centricity, people have come to trust a pre-owned car company and have helped us drive life-long relationships with car buyers. Our mission is to deliver quality cars to every household in the country and our numbers are reflective of our progress in that direction.”

Spinny Digital Push Enables Them To Complete 41% Of The Purchases Online (1)

Spinny has also reaped the demographic dividends characteristic of India’s economic makeup with 26% of its buyers being women & more than 80% opting for the convenience of home deliveries. The report also highlights that over 41% of Spinny buyers opt for online purchase. Finally, colors like white, grey and silver, specifically in that order, take the top favorite spots among Spinny buyers.

Spinny has recently launched its first national marketing campaign with the brand promise of “Khushiyon Ki Long Drive”. Highlighting the brand’s vision to turn the car buying and ownership journey into a simple and delightful experience, the heart-warming ads feature Sachin Tendulkar & PV Sindhu.

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