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Suzuki Motor Sells 80 Million Unit GLobally – India ‘s Dzire Completes 2.5 Million

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Suzuki Motor Corporation has achieved accumulated worldwide automobile sales of 80 million units by the end of August 2023. The breakdown of the sales units are 28.9 million units in Japan and 51.27 million units in overseas. The breakdown of the areas are Japan 36%, India 32.6%, Europe 10%, Asia 13.5%, and Others (Latin America, Oceania, Middle East, Africa, etc.) 7.8%.

Since the launch of Japan’s first mass-production mini vehicle, Suzulight in October 1955, Suzuki has been delivering creative products that meet the customer needs, in line with the innovation and development of mini vehicles. The launch of Fronte 800 in 1965 marked Suzuki’s debut in the compact vehicles.

Overseas sales started from the export of Suzulight in 1959. In 1975, Suzuki’s first overseas automobile production started in Pakistan, and has since proactively expanded the overseas production bases including India in 1983 and Hungary in 1992. In India, the plants have become a production hub not only for the Indian domestic market but they also play a role for exports to destinations including Africa.

Suzuki Motor Sells 80 Million Unit GLobally - India 's Dzire Completes 2.5 Million

Up to this date, Suzuki has 15 automobile production bases in 10 countries including Japan. Suzuki automobiles are favored in 184 countries and regions worldwide.

Alto, which was launched in 1979 accounts for 20% of the 80 million units. Over the past 44 years since its launch, Alto has been favored by customers and has become one of the models that represent Japanese mini vehicles. Starting as a Japanese mini vehicle, Alto has expanded worldwide, especially in India where it has largely contributed to Suzuki’s sales in the country.

Suzuki will continue to promote manufacturing by focusing on the customers throughout the world, and provide valuable products that meet the needs of each region.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire has clocked another momentous milestone of 25 lakh customers. It is worth noting, that no competition sedan# has reached the 1 million sales mark in the industry as yet. With this record milestone, the Dzire continues to fortify its leadership position with a segment-leading market share of 50%#.

The Dzire has established itself as a symbol of indulgence. Loved for its stylish exterior design featuring a strikingly new bold front facia and precision-cut two-tone alloy wheels, the Dzire appeals to customers with an evolving taste. Its premium and spacious interiors offer ultra-modern comfort and convenience to customers. A range of features such as automatic LED projector headlamps, cruise control, auto folding rear view mirrors, SmartPlay Studio infotainment system, Automated Gearshift System (AGS), etc. make the Dzire the choice for dynamic and tech savvy customers.

With the latest milestone, the Dzire lives up to its potential once again as the leading sedan of choice for customers. Strong customer preference for the Dzire over 15 years and three generations of the sedan have ensured it continues to indulge the evolving customer.

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