Tata Tiago Long Term Review – Final Report


Tata Tiago Long Term Review clears our doubt after spending four months and doing 4000 kms on it that is truly a benchmark in its class

Tiago is the car which has put the Tata Motors back on the growth track. It sells around 8000 units per month and is the best-selling Tata car in the market today. It has got the looks, sturdily built quality, and a decent list of equipment. No wonder, the car has shot to fame in no time. The car completed 4000 kms with us and the odometer stood at 35,000 as we returned it.


Among other qualities, the heavy built of Tiago is very reassuring. Every time you slam the door shut, a solid thud sound testifies the superior build quality of this Tata car. No other car in its class can match its built and even the segment about cars pale into insignificance when compared against Tiago.


All of this also means the sound insulation inside the cabin is spot on for a car of this size. Wind and road noise is acceptable and so is thrumy 3-cylinder engine note. Inside the cabin, the quality of interiors is also worth noticing and its top-version XZ has got a long list of equipment.


The 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder diesel engine has got the power and performance to operate decently in the City but out on the highway, Tiago feels out of breath especially when one pushes this motor hard. Being a 3-cylinder engine has its own perils though you won’t feel any lack in the city where it is happy to amble around.


The high kerb weight of the car which stands at 1,012 kg is one of the prominent reasons why performance is just about average. On the flip Side though this heft makes Tiago safe and secure compared to other cars on the highway.


Tiago has got Eco and City modes to meet different driving requirements; however, it is best to use City mode as Eco tends to blunt the throttle responses further even as it stretches the mileage figures to the maximum.


Also, the response from the diesel motor is a tad jerky and requires some time to get used to. The loud dual-horn provided by the company is very useful and really very useful in congested city traffic. What we liked is the NVH level which aid in comfort and solid build quality. What we didn’t like is the performance, it could be better.


Small things that need fix is the over assertive rear parking sensor which goes banana despite being far away from the other car while parking. The distance is more than twice when compared to other parking sensors and still the sensor activates last warning. We loved the car for what it was, it served our purpose well. A more rounded powertrain option would make this unbeatable, but even now, it is still worth every single buck you spend on it.

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