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The Most Unbelievable Maruti Crash Aftermath Till Date – Crumbled Ciaz

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A Maruti Ciaz has crumbled like a cookie after being possibly sandwiched between two heavy vehicles sources and images suggests. Sources also suggest that the driver has survived this incident with minor or mild injuries. We have seen previous images of car being broken into half because they were at high speeds after hitting into a pillar of some sorts and seen cars sandwiched as well, but this shows that when the driver survived this incident, it is the car that didn’t allow the flow of crash energy to stop anywhere and fold from one side to the other. Ciaz is an old platform the brand and it has been criticized earlier for making not so safe cars. Until today where Maruti claims that their heartect platform is 50% better.

The Most Unbelievable Maruti Crash Aftermath Till Date - Crumbled Ciaz

Something that is also being doubted as well. Manufacturers are being criticized for using different materials used for Indian cars and the cars that are being exported as well. Ciaz will be replaced sooner or later but Maruti’s focus on safety needs to increase. 300 km/hr crash have not looked like this from other parts of the world and this does look scary. We won’t still judge the cars safety, capability and worthiness because judging engineering by images is for people who have no time to think. But images like this make you realize one thing is that there is need more structurally stable vehicles which does result in better survivability rates.

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