Toyota Raize Compact SUV Is Hyundai Creta Rival – Will Come To India Very Likely


Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces that it commenced sales of the new “Raize”*4 at Toyota Japan dealers nationwide on November 5. Toyota Raize Compact SUV that measures less than four meters in length. It caters to the desires of customers who want to drive an SUV, who want to load their cars with a lot of luggage, but who also wish to have a car that is compact and easy to drive. The car was developed to be “active, useful*5, and compact.” Easy to use both for leisure on weekends and for everyday use, the Raize provides daily support for customers in a variety of active scenarios.

Toyota Raize Compact SUV is the first compact car produced by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Daihatsu) to incorporate its next-generation car making platform, DNGA*6, which anticipates product development for both Toyota and Daihatsu brands. All aspects of the car―including its platform and powertrain unit―have been newly developed, with the goal of realizing outstanding levels of driving performance, luxury, safety, and peace of mind.

Toyota Raize Compact SUV body just 3,995 millimeters long and 1,695 millimeters wide. It is equipped with impressively large 17-inch tires*7 and protruding fenders, which provide the sense of power and stability unique to SUVs.

Toyota Raize Compact SUV boasts a class-leading 369-liter*8 luggage capacity; the rear seats can also be folded to further increase the cargo space available, enabling particularly large or long items of luggage to be loaded. In addition, there are storage solutions located throughout the cabin, resulting in a highly convenient interior space.

Toyota Raize Compact SUV (2)

As for driving performance, the Raize’s newly developed light-weight, highly rigid body and suspension contribute to outstanding handling stability and ride comfort. By combining a 1.0-liter turbo engine with D-CVT―used in a Toyota vehicle for the first time*9―the car achieves the torque and driving joy of a 1.5-liter engine, as well as outstanding fuel efficiency. D-CVT*10 adds split gears to existing CVT belt drives and uses both belt and gear drives at high speeds for improved transmission efficiency. The gear-ratio range has also been expanded to provide powerful and smooth acceleration at low speeds and fuel-efficient and quiet performance at high speeds. The Raize comes equipped with the latest Smart Assist*11 safety features, including the Crash Avoidance Braking Function, which is capable of detecting both vehicles and pedestrians, and the Erroneous Start Prevention Function with braking control (forward and backward) *12.

Toyota Raize Compact SUV will be added to Toyota’s KINTO ONE beloved-car subscription service*13, which proposes a new user-car relationship, from November 12*14. With a desire to provide young people with as many opportunities as possible to enjoy a new car, the KINTO ONE monthly subscription rate for the new Raize is to start at 39,820 yen (including taxes), which will cover the price of the vehicle as well as necessary expenses such as voluntary insurance beyond the basic mandatory insurance.

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*1 Small passenger cars are defined as having a maximum length of 4,700 millimeters, a maximum width of 1,700 millimeters, a maximum height of 2,000 millimeters, and a maximum engine displacement of 2,000 cc.
*2 When compared to other cars in the compact SUV class. As of November 2019, according to Toyota Motor Corporation.
*3 There is no vehicle-hold function; vehicle-hold will be cancelled approximately two seconds after stopping, so brakes must be applied manually.
*4 “Raize” is a name based on a combination of the words “rise” and “raise.” It signifies an active car that energizes everyday life.
*5 “Useful” as pronounced in Japanese is a play on the two words “useful” and “youthful”.

DNGA Daihatsu New Global Architecture

*7 Equipped as standard to the Z grade. G, X “S,” and X grades are equipped with 16-inch tires.
*8 According to measurements taken by Toyota Motor Corporation based on the VDA-method, when the deck board is in the low position; luggage capacity is 303 liters when the deck board is in the high position.
*9 As of November 2019 according to Toyota Motor Corporation.
*10 D-CVT is a trademark of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. D-CVT: Dual mode Continuously Variable Transmission
*11 Smart Assist is a registered trademark of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
*12 Equipped as standard to Z, G, and X “S” grades
*13 A monthly fixed-sum service that provides voluntary insurance payments, vehicle tax, registration charges, breakdown repair, and regularly scheduled maintenance of the vehicle in a single package. https://kinto-jp.com/english/
*14 The Noah, Voxy, Sienta, C-HR, and Esquire will also be added to the KINTO ONE line-up on the same day.

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