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Traffic Fines Penalties & Challans Explained

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Before we go out of our homes to drive to other places or when we are simply walking outside, safety is our biggest concern. Due to the fact that unforeseen can happen anytime and to anyone, safety precautions on the road are non-negotiable.

In order to achieve this safety, there are regulations and rules of traffic law that are in place. With these laws there are penalties for those who do not comply with these laws.
In order to not only bypass your way of accidents, these laws are there so you do not get stuck in unnecessary traffic on roads. If you are looking to learn more about traffic penalties, fines, and challenges, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will take a look at the traffic fines, penalties, and challans.

Some of the common violations in India road
Below, we have mentioned some of the common violations that can lead to huge fines:

Rash driving
Noticing the surge in the number of accidental deaths because of rash driving, the Indian government has decided to address this with strong action. Therefore, rash driving on Indian roads will not only have a drastic impact on your money, but it might even lead to imprisonment.

No insurance plan that is active
As per the 1998 Indian Motor Vehicles Act, it is a must to insure your car. In the circumstance of being caught by the traffic police for driving a vehicle without an active car insurance plan, you might have to face imprisonment for over 3 months or a fine of up to 2000 INR. Therefore, it is a must to have insurance for two-wheelers as well.

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Overloading vehicles
In India, there are two sorts of individuals who are allowed to travel on a motorbike. Therefore, if you are noticed to be tripping on a two-wheeler, then you are liable to pay a penalty for a traffic law violation.

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No license
Whether you are driving on a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, it is a must by the law to carry a driving license with you that is legitimate. If there is no valid license with you, then you may visit the respective website of the state government, fill out the form, and finish all the required formalities to get your license. Additionally, you may either have a hard copy kept with you of your driving license safely in your car, or you can have it stored in your Digilocker account.


In India, the average speed restriction of vehicles is 70km/h to 120km/h, which may change from one state to the other. If you notice that you are overlapping the maximum capped speed limit, then there will be some hefty penalties you would need to pay for violating the traffic rules.

Driving while drunk
Driving under the influence may result in some of your biggest troubles. Considering the fact that driving drunk is not only dangerous for you, but it may lead to other people losing their lives. Therefore, in order to overcome the issue of driving under the influence, the Indian government has increased the amount of challan to 10,000 INR.

Teenager violation
In this scenario, the regulations broken by the young children will have to be borne by their parents.
The updated list of old penalties
The Indian government has brought some drastic changes to the traffic violation charges as per the Motor Vehicles Act 2019. The considerably new traffic regulations are more strict, with a massive increase in penalties for traffic violations. Here is the table of the new challans compared to the old ones:

Traffic Fines Penalties & Challans Explained

Few safety rules for drivers
Here are some of the rules that drivers need to follow when they are on the road:
Never ignore the traffic lights, as they are there to ensure a smooth flow of traffic at zebra crossings, intersections and crossroads. Following the traffic signals will lead to fewer mishaps on the road and reduced congestion.

There is no excuse for driving under the influence. It is one of the major reasons for road accidents. It only leads to harm not only to you but also to the pedestrians on the road.
Cell phones may be one of the biggest distractions. Therefore, avoid being on the phone when you are driving on the road.
Make sure you are adhering to the speed limit on the road to avoid any kind of penalties.

Wrapping up
There are many laws and regulations you need to follow when you are driving on the road. Failure to be compliant will lead to hefty penalties. However, you can bypass all of these unnecessary fines if you follow good practices when you are on the road.


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