Electric Scooter Price Fall Post FameII Subsidy – Know Which Manufacturers


Okinawa Autotech, one of the fastest-growing and most disruptive Electric two-wheeler manufacturers in India has reduced the prices of its entire range of electric scooters after the recent amendments in FAME II policy. In order to encourage the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in India, the company is extending full subsidy benefits of 15000 / KWH to its customers. Based on Models, the price has been slashed from 7.2K to 17.8K with effect from 11 June 2021.

Amongst its range of scooters, iPraise+ is one of the topmost selling products by Okinawa Autotech witnessing close to a three-fold increase in the demand in the last few months owing to a number of factors including the fuel price hike. The smart electric scooter comes with an IOT-enabled Mobile Application – ‘Okinawa Eco App’. The app allows the user to track the usage, get directions and add a few emergency contacts to the app. The iPraise+ hosts several other best-in-class features that have already made waves in the market. iPraise + is an evolutionary detachable lithium-ion battery product with a superior range of 160-180 km/charge and charging time of 2-3 hours, as well as a weight that is 30-40% less than many other EVs in its category.

Okinawa Praise Electric Scooter

“At Okinawa, our localization strategy has allowed us to set the bar of high-quality products that are not only transforming the perception of electric scooters in the customers minds but achieving this without burning a hole in their pockets. With our plans to achieve 100% localization by the end of this fiscal year, we are certain to change the face of the two-wheeler electric vehicle industry in India.”, he further added.

Okinawa has emerged as one of the most popular electric scooter manufacturers in India with over 90,000 scooters on road as of MAY 2021. The company is investing INR 150 crore to set up a new manufacturing facility in Rajasthan near the company’s existing plant in the State.

Eliminating the dependence on charging infrastructure, Okinawa was ahead of time to offer customers the ease of charging at their homes, office, and other convenient places. All Okinawa scooters are powered by detachable lithium-ion batteries; the user can take out the battery and charge using any normal plug point. It is as easy as charging a mobile phone. Moreover, it takes only about 45 minutes to 1-hour to charge 80% of the battery and 2 to 3 hours to charge a full battery.


TVS Motor also today announced the revised pricing for its electric scooter, TVS iQube Electric. The new pricing is in line with the recently announced revision in subsidy under FAME II Scheme by the government. The improved incentives will increase the penetration of electric two-wheelers in the country.

TVS IQube New Price post FAME II revision
New Delhi
Old Price Rs. 112,027
New Price Rs. 100,777

Old Price Rs. 121,756
New Price Rs. 110,506

Ampere Zeal
Ampere Zeal

Ampere New Price post FAME II revision

Ampere Zeal
Old Price Rs. 68,990
New Price Rs, 59,990

Ampere Magnus Pro
Old Price Rs. 74,990
New Price Rs. 65,990

Both (Ex-Showroom, Bangalore)

Ather electric scooters New Price post FAME II revision
New Price Ather 450X: ₹1,25,490
Old Price Ather 450 Plus: ₹1,44,500

(Ex-Showroom, Bangalore)

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