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TVS Eurogrip Duratrail Terrabite And Beamer Tyres Review, First Ride

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TVS Eurogrip has been producing some amazing tyres over the past few years such as the Remora and Protorq. However, today they have launched their new range of adventure touring tyres: Beamer HS+, Duratrail EB+ and Terrabite DB+. Recently, I had the chance to visit their factory in Madurai where we were briefed about the tyres and also about the various processes and technologies the tyre manufacturer uses to make the products. As always, it was followed by a tour of the factory, showing us how these tyres are made.

TVS Eurogrip Terrabite DB+

TVS Eurogrip arranged a complete 300km drive from their factory in Madurai to Thekkady and then returned to the factory the next day to test the tires in the process. We had a variety of bikes available: TVS Apache RTR 160 4V as well as some Suzuki Gixxers, Yamaha FZ, Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Royal Enfield Himalayan 411. We started and all of us did realize that the majority of the bikes could be better since there was a lot of personalization on these bikes from other riders where they were sourced from.

TVS-eurogrip-tyre-remora-durabite-beamer- terrabite (8)

Beamer HS+ tires come in the following sizes: 90/90-19 52P, 80/100-17 46P and 100/80-17 52P and we tested them on an Apache RTR 160 4V, several Suzuki Gixxers and several Yamahas FZ of all generations. The front tire works quite well at high speed and low speeds and even through some coarse and un-even surfaces. We encountered some sharp turns and the Beamer tyres reassured confidence through and through along with the already proven Protorq Extremes making things so much more fun than the stock tyres that these bikes come with.

TVS-eurogrip-tyre-remora-durabite-beamer- terrabite (8)

Duratrail EB+ tires are true all-terrain tires and we tested them on a few Royal Enfield Himalayan 411s.We weren’t able to test the tire’s off-road capabilities entirely because the route we were on didn’t have any off-road tracks. Going off the road at time revealed that they do provide excellent traction and composure over cobbled and highly dusty roads. On the road, however, the tire offers good grip for a block tire, and its rounded shape helps maintain cornering stability.

TVS Eurogrip Duratrail EB+

Terrabite DB+ tire is the one that impresses. They were installed on the three Royal Enfield Classic 350s provided to us. The impressive part was the excellent traction and stability of the tires in the tight turns and as well as taking sweepers and they also seemed fool-proof because of the mistakes and mischiefs that were done by other younger auto journalists did not result in fall. Meanwhile, the older journalist survived something very severe and funny incident. Something that is now a memory and is nothing to do with the tyres or even the bike.

Prices were already mentioned in our launch story and for those prices, these tyres are exceptional. They do not leave room for error, and they are almost surpassing most rivals despite our first impression is limited. Tyres always need at least a month and varied weather conditions to get a real answer, but these are good enough to be highly recommended. The competition is quite far away from reaching anywhere close to these tyres. In line with their products in recent years, which have really impressed us, like the Protorq Extremes and Roadhound sport touring tires that are widely popular as well in certain corners of the country. TVS Eurogrip is clearly on the right path, gripping the market the way a international brands always do.

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