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SCOOP! TVS Upcoming 125cc Scooter Will Have Segment and Industry First Feature – Full List!

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Our sources confirm with us that the TVS Upcoming 125cc Scooter Scooter is a surprise launch awaiting as its prime competitor, Suzuki, does extremely well in this space

Two new different kinds of scooters the Dazz and ROCKZ are seen in India yet again. The two wheelers are new models from the company with radical design and features. TVS is trying to improve its market share in the highly competitive two wheeler market. With the aim of making it stand among the other manufacturers the company is aiming to bring in several products in upcoming years. Scooters have always been TVS Motor company’s main strength and the company is now reading a series of new models for the Indian market.


The two scooters were first showcased at the 2014 Delhi Motor show. The two wheeler maker has now imported a couple of scooters for Research and development purpose. TVS is currently testing the NEW 125 scooter engine as it is being very secretive about the same. The 125 scooter engine is being tested in bikes as a camouflage as the 125cc scooter is a very highly guarded project by TVS.

The manufacturer wants to surprise the market with a one kind of a scooter which will most likely dent sales of its manufacturer. Just like how Jupiter 110cc took on the Hero scooter range and is the far better than the Honda Activa and does extremely well for the company. The TVS Rockz and Dazz here are powered by a 125 cc motor that churns out a maximum output of 9.8 bhp and a peak torque of 9.8 Nm. We expect same power and torque figures in the upcoming 125 scooter.

The all three scooters seen above are specially made for the Indonesian market; but since the Indian market is very similar and so are the engines. Hence TVS is working on increasing its portfolio of scooters for the Indian market the company has now decided to launch a 125 scooter in India very soon. The upcoming TVS scooters are a bit different to the ones seen in India. The list is full of segment first feature that will clearly set a new benchmark that will be very hard to beat.

1: A digital meter just like the Apache 200 with tachometer, speedometer and is a fully digital unit.
2: There is a kill switch on the scooter (Hi, HMSI)
3: TVS will call this scooter as the first automatic scooter with BLUETOOTH
4: The scooter is an ideal mix of Suzuki Access and Aprilia SR150 in every way. Radical design while maintaining conservative looks to please older audience.

We expect to see the same 12-inch wheels, a 125cc motor with best in class power to weight ratio and fuel economy should be as well. Expect this TVS Upcoming 125cc Scooter to be light weight and excel at all the promises aforementioned. TVS is launching electric scooters and much more, but this scooter should come very soon to the Indian market. Auto Expo display is certain but does it launch before that is a question which is very secretive prospect within the company.


Sources say that the TVS Upcoming 125cc Scooter is production ready and could be launch immediately if TVS wants to. Internally it is still be called the Entorq 125. We doubt that this could be the production name. Well start saving and start waiting for this one as this product could be more interesting than the late Akula Perhaps this could be the reason for the delay of Akula 310, who knows! Stay tuned for more details!

Apurva Arvind Ambep
Apurva Arvind Ambep
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