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UK’s Spirit Motorcycles Spirit GP Sport and Spirit GP Corse R Are Truly Unique Offerings

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UK’s Spirit Motorcycles Spirit GP Sport and Spirit GP Corse R are limited edition hardcore motorcycles that are as bespoke as it gets

Every motorcycle lover wants to own something special and this festive season, Spirit Motorcycles, a British brand has just come up with a right sort of a thing or two or may be three. The three motorcycles unveiled by the brand are called Spirit GP Street and that as the name implies happens to be a naked, we like that already. The other two are called Spirit GP Sport and Spirit GP Corse R and are, again as the name suggests, much more dedicated towards decimating your track day mates (or rivals, whatever is your dope).

Spirit Motorcycles is among the newest brands out there however, they already are making us take note of them. Consider the numbers; the bike wears a 750cc triple, which is basically the same one from the Triumph Daytona 675R but bigger and with better compression. And, yes this is where bigger is better proves itself, the base model Spirit bikes weigh just 145kg while make 160bhp, however, when you choose to dial insanity a notch further, you get 180bhp and 140kg weight (without fuel), for the Corse R-spec versions. Absolute Madness! That is less weight than the KTM Duke 390!

The point is, these numbers are not the only things that make it all fascinating, the chassis Spirit is using is itself an absolute beauty. A chassis made of chrom-moly steel tubes which are brazed into a weld together for better flex, Yes Please. Moreover, as per the recently formed British brand, everything about the chassis such as chassis steering angle, rake, and trail, are all fully adjustable and then there is a cast aluminium swingarm and carbon fiber makes all of those sleek interesting looking fairings.


Adding to this pretty hard core hardware, a swift electronic suit makes sure the riders doesn’t kill themselves, well at least it is supposed to help in this regard. The R-Specs get a Motec M130 enabling addition of a vast type of sensors and inputs on the Spirit GP Corse R.

While, it is obvious that there is the safety net of stuff like Traction control, anti-wheelie control, and other rider aids are also available. In case you get one in India and happen to have a Reliance Jio sim-card that actually works, then your Spirit bike can also transmit data via 4G services that enables you to have real-time data analysis and ECU adjustment.

Now, there are a few problems, Spirit says, only 50 units of each model will be made, which means a production run of just 150 units. Add to that the fact that with this rarity comes a price tag starting at £44,999 for Spirit GP Sport and GP Street models. While, the Spirit Sport R however, will cost a tear jerking £64,999 and a rather depression inducing £69,999 for Street R.

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