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Ultraviolette Building F77 Owners Community Ahead Of Its Launch

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Ahead of the commercial launch of the F77 in H1 2022, Ultraviolette, an innovator in sustainable mobility, hosted its first community meetup in the company’s Bangalore HQ. This engagement was held with the aim of bringing like-minded people together to interact with each other and share their thoughts, queries and interests around the F77 with the Ultraviolette team. This was the first of several such meetups planned in the coming months.

Narayan Subramaniam and Niraj Rajmohan, co-founders of Ultraviolette took the audience through the genesis and development journey of the F77. Be it vehicle design, battery technology, and even setting new benchmarks in battery safety along the way, the community got a first-hand experience of Ultraviolette’s way of building the F77 ground-up.

Apart from conversations on charging, range, performance, and the connected experience, the founders and design team of Ultraviolette also addressed specific queries around real-life challenges and unique situations that the EV industry needs to address in India, and how Ultraviolette is looking at solving these challenges to fast-track it’s EV roadmap across India. The UV community members also got to look at the production-ready motorcycles and spent time exploring several aspects of the F77 at the event.

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Narayan Subramaniam, Founder and CEO, Ultraviolette, stated, “We are building a performance motorcycle, one that is designed to represent the future of India, engineered to go through a lot more rigor, with uncompromising focus on safety, vis-a-vis the other EVs out there. While we have been busy with the final testing of the F77, it is time to start engaging with our community of motorcyclists, tech enthusiasts, and just about anyone who believes in a more progressive future. The F77 is something that will both excite and delight consumers and riders, through the performance as well as the ownership experience. We are absolutely thrilled with the feedback and the response that we have received from our first engagement and we look forward to meeting with a lot more people with like-minded interests and passions, from across the country, and subsequently from other parts of the world.”

Ultraviolette will host community engagements and meetups once every month, beginning with Bengaluru and will gradually expand the initiative to key cities in the country. The company has received over 60,000 booking interests for the F77 from across the world and will begin deliveries of the motorcycles in the first half of 2022.

The F77 is India’s first high-performance electric motorcycle built with principles used in the aviation industry. With an acceleration of 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, top speed of 140 km/h, and a range of 200 km on a single charge, the F77 is a smart and connected electric motorcycle that comes with remote diagnostics over-the-air (OTA) upgrades, regenerative braking, multiple ride modes, bike tracking, ride diagnostics and a whole lot of other features.

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