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Unholy, But Possible – One Day Harley Davidson Will Go Electric

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The electric mobility revolution is upon us and the leading brand Harley-Davidson in embracing the electric technology with open arms. The chief executive officer of the company Jochen Zeitz revealed the organization is aiming to make a full transition to the electric portfolio in the future and added that they are planning to switch to all electric portfolio in the future though this will happen in an incremental and step-wise manner.

Harley Davidson is popularly known for its big, burly, and powerful cruisers which offer scintillating performance – thanks to their large capacity, V-twin engines. Over the years the company has gone on to add a range of diversified models to its lineup including Pan America 1250, Nightster, and Sportster S although at the heart of its appeal among prospective buyers lies Cruisers which continue to rule the roost.

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One can easily make of from the statement of the CEO that the transition towards electric mobility has already begun in the company although this transformation will not happen overnight. Rather the company will make the switch to e-bikes in a slow and steady manner over the next few decades. As far as the current electric propositions are concerned, Harley has LiveWire sub-brand that sells e-bikes
LiveWire currently offers One electric motorcycle and it will add S2 Del Mar to its portfolio soon.

Harley has planned many more additions to its electric bike portfolio including the S3 range of lightweight electric bikes which are being designed and developed in collaboration with KYMCO. There are also rumors that the Harley is working on S4 range of electric bikes that will feature the styling akin to Cruisers bikes of the company.

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