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Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned To Replace Das Welt Auto

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With the release of India Blue Book 2023, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India Brand Ashish Gupta revealed that the company is restructuring its existing passenger cars business. Das Welt Auto, a pre-owned car business that has been operating in India since 2012, is set to be renamed Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned. The rebranding is a global phenomenon as the German car maker has transformed the pre owned car business globally. The transition will take six months.

Since 5-6 years, VW have noticed that the gap between car buyers and new car buyers is getting smaller. As a new car buyer, the price is double that of a used car buyer. Buyers are putting their cars for sale in either two, three or four years. Therefore it makes sense for the brand to at least to discuss and create similar brand values ​​in new and pre owned car stores. Pre owned car business depends on new car sales. The refection of new car sales is seen used car sales from second years onwards and is strong till four years. VW expects to cash on the current boom in the coming years.

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VW are aiming to provide the same level of reliability and quality to buyers in the VW pre owned car business. Volkswagen currently operates more than 137 Das WeltAuto used car locations in more than 80 cities in India. Multi-brand used car sales reported sales of more than 30,000 units last year, and VW expects sales to increase this year by 10%.

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