Who Helped Made Mahindra AdrenoX Connect? Bosch!


Bosch India and Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) have collaborated to develop the Mahindra connected vehicle platform “AdrenoX Connect” to deliver seamless connectivity and enhanced user experience in the flagship SUV XUV700. Aligned with M&M’s requirement and Bosch India’s vision for a connected strategy, this engagement has stemmed an innovative, immersive, and intuitive solution on the cloud to augment control in the end-users’ personal companion. This work together integrates different partners in the connectivity ecosystem to conceive and develop connected vehicle platforms and corresponding applications on the cloud.

As a solution orchestrator, Bosch will operate the connectivity ecosystem with different partners and manage the service operations for vehicles post production while validating the solution for production readiness. The end-to-end connectivity ecosystem is built, integrated, validated, and will be managed by Bosch across M&M vehicle lines, including the XUV700 and XUV300. The Connected Solution platform is engineered in India with software and system competencies for on-board and off-board. The platform additionally encompasses a state of the art, end-to-end security aspect based on the solutions from ESCRYPT to cover the complete life cycle of the vehicles. This allows Bosch to deliver an advanced, safe, comfortable, and hassle-free driving experience for M&M‘s end consumers while ensuring a robust and holistic security system across the entire product lifecycle.

The Mahindra Connected Car platform onboard the XUV700 consists of various connectivity features that can be accessed on Mobile App and smart watches through the Adrenox connectivity system. Some of the features are:

Enhanced Safety: The Adrenox connected system consists of unique safety features such personalised Safety alert and Driver Drowsiness alerts. In case the vehicle is being driven too fast, a personalized alert can be set to indicate the driver to slow down. With the first-in-class driver drowsiness detection from Bosch, the driving behavior is anlaysed based on the situational context and provides a reliable warning to the driver.

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Besides, an emergency assistance using e-call/SOS is enabled through the AdrenoX Connect App.
Convenience & Comfort: The journey planner provides the convenience of pre-planning the journey on the mobile with configurable pit stops, reminders and enables seamless integration with vehicle navigation. The journey planned coupled with the features of remote start/stop, climate control enables the user to set the in cabin temperature remotely to ensure a comfortable cabin at the time of vehicle entry. Also the features like remote window control, remote lock/unlock enable users to ensure vehicle control through a mobile app and smart watch.

In car connected experience: The content applications on infotainment enhances the driver experience by providing access to the contents such as News, horoscope, weather, points of interest around a location and gain travel recommendation through the well-known content partners.

Seamless Integration of connectivity: With the integration of smart home features, it is possible to configure and control the smart devices at home from the car. Additionally, XUV700’s Alexa Built-in integration makes it possible to control the vehicle functions while driving as well as through remote voice commands.

Omnipresence of vehicle data in your hand: The vehicle data and dash board is always available in hand through smart phone and smart watch for quick glance of vehicle status. The configurable alerts and control options provided through Geo/Time fencing, Valet mode etc., gives the user the additional information to understand the vehicle usage.

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