2017 Ford Figo Sports Launched in India At A Starting Price Of Rs. 6.32 Lakhs


2017 Ford Figo Sports looks impressive with subtle tweaks all along. The car is already mechanical quite powerful and it looks apt here

Ford in the country always has been known for making and selling its small cars. The Figo and classic is what it sold years back and later some time in 2015, it brought twins into the market to replace them. The cars got a second generation update two years back and since then, initially, the volumes were good enough. However, for reasons, the sales went down a bit and they aren’t been doing well. However, Ford wants to spice things up with this new sports variant which will attract personal car owners.

2017 Ford Figo Sports Design and Dimensions

When it comes to the design, we see a new approach to the grill which has been blackened out, the new bumper can be seen and it has a lip spoiler below it. The upper part is all black instead of chrome and the lower part also has vents that make it look sportier. The alloy wheels are blackened out and so are the mirrors. There is sporty piano black finish running below the doors. The rear has a large spoiler which looks rather aggressive as well.

2017 Ford Figo Sports Interior and Features

Interiors is all black now with this car, it would look rather exotic and much more appealing in the future. Features list includes electric ORVM’s, climate control, and the cabin has all the connectivity options. Steering mounted controls and much more will be a part of this list depending on the variants. Sync infotainment system with voice controls and reverse wiper and washer and the previous feature list continues to be on offer. The Figo S is coming with a Titanium variant only.

2017 Ford Figo S Engine And Specification

Performance wise we see the diesel is the highlight with 100 BHP of power and 215 Nm of torque. There is the 1.2 litre petrol motor which comes with 88 PS of power and 112 Nm of torque. The 15-inch wheel are on offer with then new Figo S slapped with 195×55 tyres.

2017 Ford Figo S Price and Launch

Launched in April 2017, price list is as below. The Figo S is now almost Rs.50,000 dearer as it houses Titanium plus options as well.

Ford Figo S 1.2 Petrol: Rs 6.32 lakhs
Ford Figo S 1.5 Diesel: Rs 7.21 lakhs

2017 Ford Figo S Safety Features

Dual airbags, ABS, EBD and six airbags are standard on the Figo S variant.

2017 Ford Figo S Competition

Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Grand i10

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Interiors - Ford Figo Sports Edition

Figo Sports Edition White

Black Alloys Tuxedo Black

All-New Black Alloys Ford Figo Sports Edition

Figo Sports Edition Ruby Red

Ford Figo Sports Review
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  1. Sandesh Kanchan says

    Photos were shamelessly stolen from team-bhp and team-bhp watermark cleverly cropped out!!!! Atleast have the decency to give credit where it’s due!!!!

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    1. Sandesh Kanchan says

      Just read through further in the same thread on team-bhp. The model is available only in the Titanium trim and there is no touchscreen or navigation available in the model!!!!!

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      1. Mohit Soni says


        We never take pictures and crop watermark, we always believe in giving link back and not doing such unprofessional work. These pictures were given to us by a reader and we confirmed that these have not been taken from somewhere else.

        If the source your saying is true and if you can prove this, we will happily replace and the pictures and give credit. You can see in all our spyshots article, we never practice anything like this.

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        1. Sarthak says

          Oh come on! You can clearly see hosted by in the bottom left corner of the second picture. Cropping bhi dang se nahi kar sakte ?

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      2. Mohit Soni says

        We can even see, we have been give link for our spyshots by the same website. I don’t think there is any problem here, if any, we would gladly change it

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        1. Sandesh Kanchan says

          The “problem” here is that you are using photos that have been neatly edited after “lifting” them from team-bhp and I have just proved it to you in my earlier post.
          Therefore in light of the above, in your article, you must have the courtesy to acknowledge that these photos were taken from team-bhp and correct the misinformation about touchscreen/navigation being present in the car . I have seen the car for myself inside out and it doesn’t have those features.

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          1. Mohit Soni says

            We would appreciate if you calm down and not respond in a impulsive manner and read what we said earlier. We specifically mentioned above that these pictures were SENT to us, we had no clue about where it was taken from. We will solve this issue once as soon as we can.

            Since we don’t have the images for interiors we said that these features COULD make it to the car. Once again, we request you to take things calmly.

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          2. Sandesh Kanchan says

            With respect, I just proved it to you that those images were plagiarized and you, in all your wisdom, chose to delete/not make public the comment where I proved ,with comparative images, that those photos in your article were not original.

            I really don’t have to say anything further as it is your website and you can publish anything you want, whether original or stolen!!!

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