2018 Aprilia SR125 Review, Road Test

2018 Aprilia SR125 Review: We spend some time with the scooter to tell you what it is like and how it is not far away from the SR150!

Aprilia SR150 is now a college name, not a household name. The reason is that the youth is all gaga over the way this scooter looks and performs and how it attracts an audience with its unique proposition and never seen approach in the Indian market by its predecessors. Aprilia and the critics never expected the scooter to fly of the shelves so quickly. However, sales became consistent and Aprilia wants the same sales volumes it had earlier. Dropping the pricing, cubic capacity and keep the fun intact is the solution they came across. That formula is now called the SR125. We have ridden it for a day and we can tell you all the changes it has to offer.


In terms of styling, ergonomics, practicality and feature list there are a minor amount of changes witnessed. You get the same styling which includes a sharp and edgy panel with twin pod headlights at the front and a simple tail-lamp at the rear. Ergonomics change is just the seat base being a little longer than before and seat height drops to 775 from 780 on the SR 150.

Feature list includes a pass light button and nothing more. The cluster continues with a fuel gauge and a speedometer with an odometer in it. Practicality continues to be scant with a narrow footboard, equally narrow under seat storage which cannot store any kind of helmet and will carry couple of small grocery bags.


The Vespa 3-valve 125cc engine was never known for making low-end power and it doesn’t do any better here either. 0-40 km/hr is slow and done unenthusiastically. However, post that all the way to 120 km/hr the SR125 pulls really well and there is an urgency which makes things far more fun to ride. This also means that the performance and top-speed is almost identical to the SR150.



The lighter chassis and bodywork which is minimalistic helps the scooter cut air and deliver all that power in the top-end. The SR125 loses the 7 kgs over the SR150 and doesn’t lose much horsepower and torque figures either. The engine makes 9.65 PS of power and 9.9 Nm of torque. NVH level has also gone considerably lower with the engine doesn’t make much noise as it now uses an improved centrifugal clutch. However, the NVH levels are still are not in the league of a Japanese scooter.



Ride and handling is where the SR125 continues to impress. With its 14-inch wheels 120 section tyres on both ends and similar telescopic forks at the front and monoshock at the rear, handling continues to be the highlight of the scooter.


The stiff suspension makes for a bumpy ride and it can be harsh in the way the potholes are felt by the rider. Short wheelbase and the way the suspension has been tuned lends it nimbleness of a butterfly and is extremely agile in the corners because it tips in telepathically and very quickly. Grip from the tyres is good and do a brilliant job. However, it is advised to keep air pressure in check for the scooter because the comfort and handling balance changes drastically if the pressure in the tyres is wrong.


2018 Aprilia SR125 Review, Verdict


This is clearly a well-packaged scooter in terms of performance even with a standard 125cc engine. The figures are strong and so is the on-road performance. Something that shouldn’t put people away from buying this scooter because it is low on spec when it comes to spec sheet comparison. Aprilia continues to redefine the way the performance scooter market works and now with a lower price tag, minor improvement and 90% of the performance the 150cc counterpart, the SR125 just became the next big thing after the SR150, not below it.

Aprilia SR125 Standard Rs. 66,076 (Ex-showroom, Mumbai)

SR125 Review
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