2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Unveiled – More Focused Off-Roader


2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Unveiled comes with more off-road equipment and ability

The CRF1000L Africa Twin Standard Model is now equipped this year with the new Adventure Sports version. Designed for large raids around the globe and even more off-road, it boasts a 24.2-liter tank that takes over 500 km of autonomy, increased suspension travel, increased ground clearance, raised riding position, and equipment standard with more protective things. There are 12V socket, heated grip, raised windshield, shock-absorbing forks, flat profile saddles, steel luggage racks and increased parachute.

The standard version shares engine upgrades – made more responsive to intermediate ranges – chassis and electronics. There is a Throttle by Wire accelerator, four Riding Mode, seven-stage HSTC traction control, latest generation instrumentation, Lithium Ion battery, auto-off direction indicators and panic stop function. The tricolor livery, the only available, celebrates the 30th anniversary since the birth of Africa Twin. This version of ‘Adventure Sports’ also has the double type approval for mounting

Higher excursion suspensions, saddle with straight profile, raised handlebar
More protective cover and windshield wider
12V socket and series heatable knobs
Increased pilot footsteps, pilot and passenger footrest redesigned to facilitate off-road use
Stainless steel wheels radius to increase external agent resistance and ease of cleaning.
Directional deactivation indicators with ‘panic stop’ blinking system

Throttle By Wire (TBW) and 3 Riding Mode, plus one completely customizable.
Each Riding Mode sets up a different power output (P), engine brake (EB) and HSTC (T) traction control mix.
The Honda Selectable Torque Control, HSTC, provides 7 levels plus deactivation

Airbox and exhaust system designed to emphasize the response to intermediate regimes
New two-chamber drainage system lighter
Lightweight engine balancing countermeasures
Lighter lithium battery (-2.3 kg) and durable
Power and linear and consistent torque
Assisted clutch and anti-slip (MT version)

Double clutch transmission (DCT)

Instantaneous and non-stop shifting in manual or MT mode (Drive, Sport mode)
The 3-level S (Sport) mode leverages ever-changing and progressive climbing regimes for a dynamic driving dynamism
G for Offroad maximizes traction
The slope recognition system adapts gear changes in the presence of ups and downs

A wide range of Honda original accessories are available for the CRF1000L Africa Twin Adventure Sports, including:
Side bags
Inside bags
Tank bag
LED fog lights
Upper and lower deflectors
Passenger footrests with rubber finish
Transmission Pedal (for DCT Version)
Central stand
Stickers wheels
Alarm system
Lowered seat
Quickshifter (for MT version)

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