2018 Triumph Tiger Updated – 800 and 1200cc Both Get Substantial Updates


2018 Triumph Tiger Updated as the 800 and 1200cc Both Get Substantial Updates in every regard making much more finer to ride claims Triumph

There are six variants available of the Tiger 1200, and six Tiger 800s, too. Each family of 1200 version and 800 version comprises four road versions (XR, XRx, XRx low, and range-topping XRT), while the off-road focused XC comes as an XCx and a top-spec XCA. All spec parts are also available as options to make your own bespoke bike. The 1200 low seat option starts from a 815-835mm seat height, while the 800 low seat option starts from a staggering is 760-780mm.

The Explorer name is dropped, along with around 10kg of weight thanks to over 100 refinements that should transform the big bike to be more nimble and agile. With six versions on offer, it’s the range-topping XRT road version and XRA dual-purpose option that are likely to get the most attention as it is very tempting with all the updates.

2018 Triumph Tiger gets keyless ignition to the semi-active electronic suspension, cornering lights, Arrow titanium silencer, heated grips and seats, six-axis IMU, cornering ABS and six riding modes. 2018 Triumph Tiger 1200 is visually lighter and sharper, and the reduction in bulk of the fairing which comes complimentary by a big margin.

2018 Triumph Tiger has over 200 chassis and engine upgrades to create a more responsive riding experience. Most riders will like the 5-inch slab of TFT dash nestling behind the single-handed manually five-way adjustable fly-screen.

2018 Triumph Tiger 800 takes a lot of benefits from the 1200, from the dash to the backlit switchgear, which adds to the cool factor. 2018 Triumph Tiger comes with Off-road Pro riding mode for the XC models, the addition of LED lighting, and the same three-touch cruise control. The engine is much-updated and now develops 94bhp and is claimed to be more responsive and sporty in delivery which is aided by a shorter first gear.

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