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2018 Yamaha YZF R15 V3 Review, First Ride (Video Included)

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2018 Yamaha YZF R15 V3 Review: The segment benchmark is back and how! More of everything, even value for your money is higher!

The Yamaha R15 is a name synonym with a hardcore performance for the track, which is aimed at beginners. The journey started in the year 2008 when the bike came for the first time. The motorcycle created ripples in the industry and made itself, stand out. A supersport 150cc making 17 BHP of power through a world-class, high revving engine. Chassis and suspension along with path-breaking tuning made it the ultimate bike in its segment and above. The Indian industry took a bow at what a technological advancement the R15 was and it was a critically and commercial success at the same time. We got the opportunity to sample it at the race track where it came for the first time a decade ago, the Madras Motor Sports race track. We have a healthy impression of the bike as we had ample time with the bike.


The stying has evolved by a huge margin, the motorcycle has seen a major makeover in the way the front and rear is. The rear comes from the R1 which clearly takes our breath away. The front headlights are slimmer and shaper and small than before, which will take some time for us to grow. The blue scheme and the red and grey schemes, both which Yamaha does really well, do their job here brilliantly. Quality is good, finishing is not so good with shabby welds and plastics not aligned properly in some areas when you have a look closely.

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Ergonomics, the committed posture continues with you sitting higher and the clips are set lower. There is enough legroom and body room to move around for all types of riders, which is a great balance acquired by Yamaha. The RVMs are placed well. The body positioning takes some used too, after that you should adapt to the overall concept. LCD cluster makes with all fuel-efficiency parameters, odometer, clock and fuel gauge and a digital tachometer.

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Engine and Gearbox

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Let’s get down how it feels to ride. The motorcycle has a revised engine feels the same as before in the way it revs and sounds, which is quickly and in a linear manner. However, there is a massive change to make sure that it delivers more power and still has a great throttle response and smooth engine character. The VVA makes sure you have low and mid-range punch and at the same time, it also has top-end power which makes it a great tool on the track. We could easily see 120 km/hr on the speedo on the small straights of the track.

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The 19.3 PS and 15 Nm of torque from now a 155cc engine which has 6cc more help achieve all that extra punch. All of this is delivered at the same RPM as before. The 4-valve, liquid cooling with a fuel injected motor is a high revving unit which does emit a bit of vibration at the top-end and isn’t pinpoint precise as the engine of V2.0 is slightly more stressed than before because it makes more of everything. The 6-Speed gearbox is super slick as always and slipper clutch does its job precisely as well.

2018 Yamaha YZF R15 V3 Review-28

Ride and Handling

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Dynamically, the highlight is the new level composure with the revised chassis, mildly tuned suspension and fatter tyres. Anything that you do with the motorcycle, it never disappoints or discourages you. The Metzeler on our test bike and the MRF at the front make it far more superior. The front is spot on in terms of rake (quick turn-ins) and stability, while the rear Metzeler sticky tyres let you push to the very limit.The suspension continues to feel similar and so we assume the ride quality should be acceptable, We will leave that for a road test to let you know.

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2018 Yamaha YZF R15 V3 Review, Verdict

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Overall, the R15 is back and with a bang. The extra power is always welcome, the high quality feels from the bike is there, but could have been better. The value for money quotient just got higher with all the technology and essentials on offer.

The V 3.0 is an all-new bike as you can make out with the changes. We wish it had ABS and USD forks, but Yamaha says they are working on the same for the future. As of now, with no competition, which basically has been wiped out because of the sheer power of this sub-brand Yamaha has. There is no stopping the king of the segment anyway, or is it? Time will tell!

Price: Rs. 1.25 Lakhs ex-showroom

R15 V3 Review
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