2019 Audi A5 Convertible Review, First Drive


A convertible car or as it is also called a cabriolet, is the most special form a four wheeler can ever take. Something that we have realized over time as every time something like this came along in our journey of testing. The joy it brings to everyone who drives and comes along as passenger is something to look forward too. The car with no roof opens up a lot more than kilometers of headroom.

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The Audi A5 Cabriolet was similar experience and much more than that. The A5, you think that we have reviewed time and again with the A5 diesel, S5, RS5 and now this. There are changes all around to make it special and compelling package than its siblings and with no direct competition, it becomes more interesting. How? Let’s find out!

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Design is already accomplished fact because its an Audi and also because we have seen in it three cars previously which the A5 cabriolet is based on. Our test car came with a red roof and British green color on offer did grab a lot of eye balls.

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With the roof down, it resemblance to a gran touring is evident because of its long wheelbase, large hips and long bonnet. The low stance and large wheels make sure it look purposeful and quintessential German and timeless. This is one of the few car with the roof down and up ends up looking great.

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Interior continues with the identical layout as the other siblings. Dark wood, lighter dashboard and seat color used all around make this car an airy and luxurious cabin to be in. With the brat pack siblings, there is virtual cockpit on offer in the dials, view cane changed from small to big, you can toggle between screens what you want on display, the navigation, music, trip or telephone. The center screen allows you to choose all the settings and connectivity that your phone brings along.

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Quality is good all around as always, Audi knows how to make interior perfect use of lights, color contrast and other small attention to detail units such as ambient lighting (just one color) on the door pads at lower and upper half to make drop-top experience even better as if in the normal cars, it wasn’t special enough. Space in the back was negligible and is best suited for kids or adults for short journeys only.

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Roof can be closed in 18 seconds and and opened up in 15 seconds while the car is running till 50 km/hr. The buttons have to be pressed for the entire duration. Boot space is good with the roof down or up at 250 litres which is good enough for a car of this size. Features list includes Apple Car Play and Android Auto along with 3-zone climate control, driving modes without efficiency mode, Bang and Olfusen sound system, steering mounted controls, rear a/c vents fully electric ORVM with heating function, auto IRVM, 3D sound cruise control and front and rear parking sensor with reversing camera. Safety kit includes ABS and EBD and six airbags.

The Drive

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For the first time, a convertible car was offered with a diesel engine and it had to be a car from the VW group. Audi is always very confident about its 2.0 litre TDi as it offers great performance, economy and most prominently, spectacularly low NVH levels. With the roof up or down we couldn’t hear it inside the cabin.

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The 190 BHP and 400 Nm of torque spread throughout the rev range with 7-speed smooth and fast shifting gearbox that can be alerted through driving modes makes this a practical car to live with.

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A single tank delivering around 700 kms means this can be a true weekend warrior for road trips. However, despite in its sporty mode, the gearbox was a bit hesitant to shift if compared to the hard top version of the A5. The urgency has gone a bit and we think its the addition of the Quattro and added weight for strengthening and soft top hardware has bought the car to more calm behavior, but the acceleration is fast as it sprints of the line very quickly (7.9 seconds, .1 second faster than the A5 hardtop) with no fuss providing extra grip thanks to Quattro on offer.

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Dynamically, the steering is precise and light but the feedback and weight on highway is less. The ride quality is compliant over our roads with a firm edge which keeps things stable on uneven highways.

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Brakes are good with enough stopping power and good pedal bite from all four disc brakes. Body roll is bare minimum in high or low speed corners. The long wheelbase is apparent, it isn’t the most sportiest Audi to drive like the hard top A5, but it isn’t out and out dull either.

2019 Audi A5 Convertible Review, Verdict

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Audi and a convertible is a half the battle won for the company which does exceptionally well when it comes to brand recall. Proven platform and engines, including this diesel option makes this car flexible on a daily basis. Heading to pick this car, we realized this is the only Audi any one needs in our market.

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The A5 cabriolet gets the famed Quattro, practicality, a good price tag, a great design and as a every day car which can turn into something extremely desirable at a push of a button in 18 seconds. We think this, instead of the A5 is our new pick from the Audi stable not because it can topless in no time, but it is exceptional in behavior and form.

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