2019 BMW X1 Diesel India Review, Road Test


2019 BMW X1 Diesel India Review: The entry level SUV for the manufacturer turned out to be quite competent then expected

SUV’s and crossovers aren’t going anywhere. The popular demand means everyone has to be upto date with all the latest demands of consumers and provide them the same. The X1 was a crossover in the past and it was, despite that, quite an popular offering from the BMW brand. However, as the other brand offered very SUV like proportions and other bits that were lucrative, customers did start jumping somewhere else to a certain extent.


Back in the day, the BMW X1 maintained the enthusiast crowd with the help of RWD in the offering which made it fun to drive. However, the new one got better with styling, but it is the first BMW with front wheel drive layout as it is based on the Mini platform now. How is the new FWD BMW? Hard to think those six letters could come in one sentence right? Nevertheless, the BMW test car was X-drive. Stick with us as we tell you about the same.



Styling is where the X1 has changed. The proportions have changed, the length, width and height have increased considerably. It has a stance of an SUV, but still not by much though, if we were to nitpick. The headlamps continue to be typical BMW with semi corona rings with large kidney grille up the front. Our M Sport Test Car came with the usual three part bumper.


LED tail-lamps at the rear are wavy and look great in the day and night. The blue test car here also looked rather impressive and grabs attention. Overall, the SUV is far more better than and this very spec it does the job well.



Interior is inspired by the Mini platform so there is a lot of things shared such as the IRVM, seats, gear lever, storage area, the mounting of storage area ahead of the gear lever and below the center armrest. The dashboard is also mounted is quite low, the windshield is quite high and gives a great view ahead. Quality of materials is good, not great as there are plastics in the lower areas which well low rent, but not out and out cheap/brittle.

The iDrive continues to be great and offers host of options to choose for the setting which shows array of settings such as TPMS, engine service interval, interior and exterior lighting, the technology in action mode where you can see how much power and torque is being used.


Rear seat space is good, seats are supportive and recline-able which is great. Comfort in the back has risen dramatically as there is a lot of head, shoulder, knee and legroom. There is an armest with cupholders and double panoramic sunroof opens up the entire car for more light. BMW X1 continues to lack Apple Car Play and Android Auto but gets everything else in terms of connectivity and features like LED lights, ambient lighting, cruise control, host of features in the instrument cluster and two zone climate control with rear a/c vents.



Driving the ubiquitious BMW 2.0 litre diesel engine which revs freely and quickly and makes ample torque and power throughout the rev range means the engine is high on performance and flexibility. The fuel economy as a result is fantastic because throttle input always is minimum. The 8-speed smooth and fast shifting gearbox also helps in this scenario. The gearbox also comes with paddle shifters which is great. We got 13.4 km/l in our testing. Slightly more can be acehived if you drive in Eco Pro mode with an easy foot. All of this makes it have stellar fuel economy in its class. Overall, all of this makes the BMW X1 great in terms of performance and practicality.


Driving the X1 reminds you of the Mini as the front drive-train is borrowed from there and softened a bit. The Go-Kart feeling is still there with this FWD. The suspension is stiff, but not hard enough to be not compliant over our broken roads. Steering feedback as a result is great and weighs up well on the highway. It does feel a tad bit heavy in the city and while parking, but you can live with it. It is agile in the corners and holds its line well throughout. Highway stability is good too.




Driving in the city is easy enough with a small turning radius and its nimble enough to take gaps thanks to its compact dimensions and well calibrated steering lock ratio. Brakes are good in terms of performance and pedal bite. Body roll is no exisient which makes the overall driving expirience with the X1 great despite added ground clearance.


2019 BMW X1 Diesel India Review, Verdict


The BMW X1 remains the best sell and for a reason. It now looks like a proper SUV and drives like a BMW despite its FWD. BMW has chosen the worlds best FWD platform for its car and it is not much of a compromise. This lends in practicality which BMW has further expanded to make it more appealing. With the usual excellent features list, one of the best after sales and service expirience, the X1 is still a top choice in its class.

BMW X1 Diesel India Review
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