2019 Jeep Compass Trailhawk India Launch Done – Know The Price!


2019 Jeep Compass Trailhawk India Launch has been done and it is priced at INR 26.8 lakh nationwide and will be available for purchase at all 82 FCA-all brand retail touch points across the country. The Jeep® Compass range begins at INR 15.6 lakh (all-India).

The Trailhawk is being offered with the following all-new equipment

Engine Stop / Start – is intelligent and adapts to the driver’s acceleration habits as well as traffic conditions; tuned to enable a 6% better fuel efficiency in varied traffic conditions

Advanced Cruise Control–Conveniently locks on to a specific speed so that the driver can take the foot off the pedal and cruise with comfort
Built-in Navigation – Available at your finger tips on the 8.4-inch UConnect screen on the centre console as well as directions on the main cluster

Hill Descent Control (HDC) – Kicks in when the SUV is on a steep off-road decline and makes the vehicle brake on its own; maintains speed within 3 km/hr

Jeep Active Drive 4×4 Low– Additional ratio in the drivetrain; allows for added traction, to tackle extreme off-road conditions

‘Rock Mode’ terrain selection – Comes in addition to Auto, Snow, Mud and Sandmodes; adds to the off-roading capability

BS VI compliant engine and 9-speed automatic transmission
The 2.0-litre, 170HP, 350 Nm turbo diesel engine has additional technology that makes it fully BS VI compliant nearly one year before the norms become effective. This BS VI engine is more refined, and uses an urea system to meet the new norms. It also makes it capable to run even on BS IV diesel, until BS VI diesel is widely available in the country. Until then, Trailhawk can be driven to the remotest part of the country with complete peace of mind, without worrying about the quality of diesel as the engine is designed to self-cleanse, without any external intervention.

Jeep Compass Trailhawk

The Trailhawk is optimally tunedfor both urban traffic and challenging off-road driving conditions. Its all-new 9-speed automatic transmission is finely tuned to deliver a progressively torquey drive with seamless gear changes. The performance is particularly impressive when driven in the 1750 – 2500 rpm band.
Capability and Dynamics

The Trailhawk comes with an anti-glare decal on the hood which ensures the sun does not hamper the driver’s visibility while traversing off road. Its front bumpers are redesigned, making it more capable in off-roading conditions. A large air dam located at the bottom of the front bumper enhances air intake while the water wading height has been increased to 840 mm making it effortless for driving through water-logged areas in cities and rivers and streams off-road.

The Trailhawk has the proven but retuned and more cushioning Frequency Damped Suspension sitting on a higher clearance from the ground than the regular Compass. The Compass and Trailhawk monograms on the side and rear are now matte neutral grey and the 7-slots in the grille also gets matte, neutral grey frames. The Trailhawk is given a Ruby Red tow hook at the rear which makes it capable of pulling out a stuck vehicle 1.5x its gross weight.

Skid plates made of 3 mm thick steel protect the Trailhawk’s underbody – its engine, transmission, urea tank and the fuel lines. This special SUV runs on all-new, all-terrain tyres with better side wall protection and extra grip for better traction off- and on-road.

The Trailhawk is trimmed with black leather seats detailed with exquisite Red stitching, which is also seen on the steering wheel. Contouring red touches on various elements of the interior complement and enhance the ambience in addition to the large, impressive panoramic sunroof. Customers can delete this option if preferred. Matte Neutral Grey touches lift the cabin aesthetics further.

The centre display in the instrument cluster is now a much-larger, 7-inch screen which gives plenty of vehicle information at the press of a button, such as – navigational direction, temperature of engine, engine oil and transmission oil, level of urea in tank and other information such as mileage, radio frequency, gear select etc. The steering wheel now has Cruise Control settings on the right-hand side and a button on its left can enable voice activated control of radio, media, climate and navigation. Trailhawk, just like the entire Jeep Compass range has over 50+ safety and security features.

The Trailhawk in particular is offered with six airbags, including side full curtain airbags which protect rear seat passengers from head injuries. Roll Over Mitigation is an intelligent safety feature in the Trailhawk that senses the SUV tilting excessively on either side and intuitively activates the side airbags and protects all occupants in a roll-over situation. The 2019 Jeep Compass Trailhawk India model comes with a Speed Warning System, which is in line with the new safety regulations that is scheduled to come into effect in next month.

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