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Whatever We Know About The Upcoming 2021 Jaguar J-Pace SUV

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The all-new MLA platform from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will spawn a number of new models such as the 2021 Jaguar J-Pace SUV and that includes the J-Pace electrified SUV version as well. The launch of this new SUV will coincide with the market entry of the fifth-generation Range Rover. It is important to note that the MLA platform is going to underpin all models of JLR by 2025 and thanks to its all-aluminium architecture, it will be considerably lighter than the D7 and D8 underpinnings that are currently used by the company.

2021 Jaguar J-Pace SUV will sit above the E-Pace and F-Pace models and feature an electrified drive in which rear wheels will be driven by an electric motor. This mechanism is going to provide a number of advantages including more space inside the cabin. The electric motor-driven mechanism will also offer better ride and handling characteristics and this utility will be significant especially during the off-road manoeuvres. Details about the features offered on the MLA platform are sketchy at the moment though JLR will reveal information as we move near to the launch date of new products.

2021 Jaguar J-Pace SUV will adopt a plug-in hybrid architecture with Ingenium straight-six turbocharged engine being the primary source of its motive power. There is no information related to the pure electric range of the SUV although 80 km is the least figure JLR would like to achieve. According to the estimate of the JLR, only 20% of its total sale will come from pure electric vehicles by 2025. This means the success of the new MLA platform is critical as this architecture can be used to underpin a variety of vehicles including conventional, hybrid, and pure electric vehicles.

2021 Jaguar J-Pace SUV
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There are not many hints about the overall styling and interiors of the upcoming J-Pace. The only details that can be confirmed now are its design inspiration from I-Pace and OLED screens that will be used inside its cabin. In terms of dimensions, the new J-Pace will be around 4.9 meters from head to toe with a boot space of 650-liter. JLR has to pay close attention to details in order to reduce the drag for achieving the maximum range for the SUV. In the face of strict EU emission norms which are expected to become stringent in the future, all car manufacturers including JLR have to considerably reduce the fuel consumption and net emissions of their fleet in the future.

According to information shared with investors in 2019, JLR revealed that it had planned a total of three models in its “mid-height” line of models. The “high-rise” version of the platform, on the other hand, will spawn four new SUV models. This is in contrast to the MLA “low-rise” platform that will produce seven models including the next generation F-Pace and Evoque among others.

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