Friday, September 22, 2023

Cyber Punk! 2023 All New Suzuki GSX-8S Revealed!

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Suzuki has revealed two all-new models, with a new GSX-8S at Eicma in Milan, Italy. The new Suzuki GSX-8S is born to thrill, offering performance, technology, and style to those that want to work hard, and play harder. Through the combination of an all-new engine, agile chassis, ride-enhancing electronics, and an aggressive design, the GSX-8S is set to raise the middleweight naked bar.

Powering the all-new GSX-8S is a brand-new engine from the Hamamatsu marque, with a focus on performance befitting of a naked streetfighter. A 270° crank ensures a punchy torque delivery, helping fire the new GSX-8S from corner to corner, while a DOHC design, with four valves per cylinder, means a clean, free-revving nature all the way to the top end. Peak torque is 78Nm at 6800rpm while peak power is 82.9PS at 8500rpm.

A Suzuki Cross Balancer, an innovative new primary balancer design, reduces unwanted vibration, and helps ensure the engine’s compact nature, which in turn aids freedom of chassis design.

The exhaust system features a short new muffler design, barely rising up and out from the right side of the engine, enhances the bike’s compact look and feel and produces an intoxicating rumble.

Suzuki GSX-8S (2)

The GSX-8S’s streetfighter character continues with the ergonomics, with wide, tapered aluminium handlebars providing a sporty riding position and plenty of leverage to pitch the GSX-8S effortlessly into turns with speed and confidence.

That confidence also comes from a chassis that features upside down front forks and a rear shock from KYB, and a new aluminium swingarm with a unique shape, is designed to perform with the right amount of vertical, lateral, and torsional rigidity to further enhance the GSX-8S’s flickable nature but also deliver stability and greater ride comfort. Twin 310mm discs up front and a 240mm rear disc provide the stopping power.

These components all fit to a new frame engineered for direct handling characteristics, with a light – and painted – subframe helping keep weight low and aid the design of a sharp seat unit.

Suzuki GSX-8S (2)

From the seat – which is designed for comfort and performance – the view is of a five-inch, full-colour TFT screen showcasing a plethora of information including speed, gear, rev counter, clock, riding range, and dual trip computers.

It also shows the current settings the rider has chosen for the various advanced rider aids featured on the new GSX-8S, which includes a three-mode traction control system – which can be turned off – three selectable engine maps, and a bi-directional quickshifter for slick gear changes.

There’s also a ride-by-wire throttle, engineered for a natural feel, Suzuki’s Easy Start System, and a low rpm assist.

Suzuki GSX-8S (2)

The minimalist bodywork, wrapped around the slim new engine, is angular and futuristic. Other key elements of the bike’s style come from its bright, light blue wheels and subframe on two of the three available colour options; a pearl cosmic blue and pearl tech white. A matt and sparkle black option is also available.

Stacked hexagonal LED headlights and LED running lights all contribute to a slim, compact, and aggressive stance, while fresh graphics make for a contemporary look.

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