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All New 2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE Revealed – Replaces 650?

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V-Strom 800DE
Born to explore, the V-Strom 800DE is an all-new adventure bike designed to allow riders to journey without limits. Boasting fully-adjustable suspension with 220mm of travel, a 21-inch front wheel, 220mm of ground clearance, and an electronics package with additional features geared around performance when the road ends, the V-Strom 800DE is the new master of adventure.

At the heart of the new V-Strom 800DE is Suzuki’s new parallel twin engine. The 776cc, DOHC powerplant produces 84.3PS peak power at 8500rpm, with 78Nm of peak torque at 6800rpm.

Designed to be slim and compact, to expand the possibilities for overall design flexibility, the long-stroke motor with four valves per cylinder produces smooth but potent torque throughout the low rpm, before going on to deliver free-revving performance through to the top end.

This performance is aided through the use of a 270° crankshaft design, which delivers high levels of torque and positive traction – extra-beneficial off-road – and a pleasing rumble to its exhaust note, ensuring it retains a character more akin to Suzuki’s famed V-twins. A Suzuki Cross Balancer, an innovative new primary balancer design, reduces unwanted vibration and helps achieve a compact and lightweight package that enhances the V-Strom 800DE’s agile handling.

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Wire spoked wheels come in the form of a 21-inch front and a 17-inch rear, shod with Dunlop Trailmax Mixtour tyres. Further boosting the new V-Strom’s ability to traverse rougher terrain with ease is 220mm of suspension travel, controlled by fully-adjustable hardware from Showa, and 220mm of ground clearance.

A tough steel frame provides the strength needed for negotiating tracks and trails and provides excellent straight-line stability and agile handling. The seat rails are engineered to withstand the impacts and pressures of riding on trails and feature a narrow profile that helps riders better control the bike with their legs.

Further helping riders control the new V-Strom 800DE on and off-road are wide, tapered, aluminium ‘bars and steel – though rubber-covered – footpegs. A long wheelbase aids stability, helped with an aluminium swingarm with a unique shape that enhances vertical, lateral, and torsional rigidity.

A ride-by-wire throttle provides a natural feel, and synchronises with a range of electronic features that further enhance the V-Strom 800DE’s performance in a range of riding situations.

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Like the bigger V-Strom 1050DE, it gets a traction control system with three on-road modes, which provide varying levels of intervention, plus the introduction of a G mode for use off-road. G mode allows more wheelspin, which is suppressed only enough to help prevent excessive slip, so power continues to be delivered to the rear wheel with minimum interruption. As a result, the rider gets the consistent power output they want. More experienced riders can also choose to disengage the traction control entirely for even more direct control.

The V-Strom 800DE also has two ABS settings, providing greater or lesser intervention, plus there is the ability to disengage the rear ABS for improved confidence and control off-road.

Gear changes are slick and uninterrupted thanks to a bi-directional quickshifter, meaning riders don’t need to trouble the clutch lever and can keep the throttle open on upshifts, while there is no requirement to blip it on downshifts.

Like all new Suzukis, there is the ever-handy low rpm assist – which raises the idle speed when pulling away or at slow speeds to reduce the risk of stalling – and Suzuki Easy Start System, which requires just one push of the starter button to fire the engine into life.

All of the advanced rider aids are managed via a simple rocker switch on the left handlebar, and displayed – alongside speed, odometer, rev counter, and more – on a five-inch, full-colour TFT dash.

All New 2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE Revealed - Replaces 650 (4)

All of the above is wrapped in a style that is both quintessentially V-Strom and modern at the same time. Harking back to Suzuki’s DR Big and DR-Z heritage is the notable beak design and a hero colour scheme reminiscent of the firm’s off-road racing exploits of the past. Even the graphics are designed to resemble motocross number boards.

However, the beak is shorter, sharper, and sits higher, highlighting the space between front mudguard and headlight, created thanks to its tall stance and 220mm of suspension travel, and new vertically stacked hexagonal LED headlights are slim, light and compact.

The lines of the body work are sharp with flat surfaces to create a tough look. Bold accents are introduced through the use of moulded colour parts at the tip of the beak, alongside the radiator, and below the large, 20 litre fuel tank. Angled lines set into the knee grip area of the moulded panel below the tank lend yet another subtle accent.

A traditional yellow with dark blue accents and gold rims pays homage the most to Suzuki’s off-road pedigree, while the V-Strom 800DE will also be available in a matt mechanical grey with moulded yellow accents and black rims, and a glass sparkle black, that also comes with dark blue accents and gold wheels.

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