Thursday, November 30, 2023

BREAKING & EXCLUSIVE! 2023 BAJAJ Pulsar 220F Returns – Bookings Open!

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What is Bajaj doing? The first question in all our minds, let us admit that first. Also, Bajaj has been tight-lipped about the Pulsar 220F discontinuation since day one. Despite multiple media publications, including us, reported the end of production which was quite logical since sales also came down. However, there was no clear intent since the day Pulsar 250 twins came that the Pulsar 220F will be discontinued. Something that seems apparent now. Dealerships in Mumbai and Pune are open to taking bookings of the publicly loved Pulsar 220F.

Digital flyers are roaming around that this is happening in select Mumbai and Pune dealerships which we can confirm. The Pulsar 220F continues to be a favourite among the youngest crowd of a lot of motorcyclists nationwide and the return will be good news for them. The Pulsar 220F is a decade-old motorcycle but it now seems to comply with upcoming RDE norms which means it will have to be the oldest motorcycle with an OBD-2 port on offer.

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The Pulsar 250F seems to be not doing well for the manufacturer as it offers discounts on it while the 250N seems to be doing really well. The Pulsar 220F was discontinued when it was priced at Rs. 1.31 lakhs. The Pulsar 250F is priced at RS 1.45 lakhs. Meanwhile, the N160 Is priced at RS. 1.25 lakhs. It can sit in between rather well. While the Pulsar 220F seems to be going to some export market, it isn’t bad idea to sell a good amount of units in India as well. This is not a logical move, yes, but this is an emotional move for customers that will help Bajaj maintain sales and pole position in 200-250cc category where it already leads with or without KTM and Husqvarna.

We expected a Pulsar 200 return with 20 PS, but we guess, we will have to do with this old model P220 before that steps in some time in the future. The Pulsar 220 along with the old platform based Pulsar 125 is also still on sale and doing really well. Expect single-channel ABS-equipped Pulsar 220F to come at the price of Rs 1.60 on-road. While this is the ‘story’ we expect from Bajaj, we wait for official details to follow by the end of February 2023.

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