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2023 Honda Dio HSmart Launched With Many Updates

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Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India today announced the launch and availability of OBD2 compliant all-new 2023 Dio priced starting at Rs. 70,211 (ex-showroom Delhi). 2023 Dio ticks BSVI OBD2 compliant Honda’s trusted 110cc PGM-FI, boosted by Enhanced Smart Power (eSP). Side Stand Indicator with Engine inhibitor prevents engine start while the side stand is engaged enabling a convenient and carefree ride.

Fully Digital meter*NEW with Advanced Information: It gets advanced with 3 real time informatics like Range (displays distance one can travel with existing fuel in tank), Average fuel efficiency (for overall fuel efficiency display) & Real-time Fuel Efficiency for a rich riding experience. The meter displays details like Total Trip, Clock and Service Due Indicator. The new digital meter comes in deluxe and smart variant.

Dio’s fresh design language with redesigned front ribs and signature LED Position Lamp provides an aggressive stance to the moto-scooter. The modern tail lamp design, all new alloy wheels** NEW, sport split grab rail, sharper Dio logo NEW & Graphics NEW make it an irresistible choice for fun seeking young customers. Telescopic Suspension gives a clean and stylish appearance along with better maneuverability resulting in a smoother ride over rough roads. mDio’s high ground clearance (160 mm) helps in crossing challenging rough roads with ease and confidence. It also comes equipped with a unique Two Lid Fuel Opening System which ensures maximum convenience and reliability to the rider. The 18L storage space has been redesigned to optimise the space and accommodate a little more stuff apart from helmet.

2023 Honda Dio HSmart Launched With Many Updates

The Smart variant comes with a Lock Mod which facilitates 5 in 1 function (lock handle, ignition OFF, fuel lid open, seat open & ignition ON) without the need to insert physical key. Engine Start/Stop Switch: The two-way functioning switch can be used to start the engine when pressed downwards and acts as an engine kill switch when pressed upward. Premium quality big front pocket provides a convenient reachable storage space for a hassle-free and reliable riding experience. Passing Switch provides the convenience of controlling high beam/low beam & passing signal from one single switch. Making every ride on all-new Dio comfortable and convenient, is the Combi-Brake System (CBS) with Equalizer and 3-step adjustable rear suspension. Passing Switch provides the convenience of controlling high beam/low beam & passing signal from one single switch. Premium quality front storage open pocket provides a convenient reachable storage option for a hassle-free riding experience. As another industry first, HMSI is offering a special 10-year warranty package NEW (3 years standard + 7 years optional extended warranty) on the all-new 2023 Dio.

The Honda Smart Key System incorporates following features:

1. Smart Find: Answer back system in smart key assists in easily locating the vehicle. When the answer back button is pressed on the Honda SMART Key, all 4 winkers will blink twice to locate the scooter.

2. Smart Unlock: The Smart key System is a newer technology feature that makes it possible to lock and unlock the vehicle without using a physical key. In case the system detects no activity for 20 seconds after activation, the scooter automatically gets deactivated.

3. Smart Start: If the smart key is within the range of 2 meters of the vehicle, then the rider can smoothly start the vehicle by rotating the knob on the Loc Mod to ignition position and push the start button without even taking out the key.

4. Smart Safe: 2023 Dio comes equipped with Mapped Smart ECU which acts as a security device by electronically matching (ID) between the ECU and SMART Key, therefore preventing vehicle theft. The smart key has an immobilizer system which prevents a non-registered key from starting the engine. Without secure connection with Smart Key, Immobilizer System is not activated.

Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) is an integration of the following:

1. Unique Honda ACG Starter: It starts the engine jolt free via the same AC generator used to generate current and charge the battery while riding. This eliminates the need for a conventional starter motor, thus, there are no gear meshing noises.

Two mechanical features lead to engine start with less effort – the first being efficient utilization of decompression with slightly opened exhaust valves (at the beginning of compression stroke) followed by the Swing Back feature which rotates the engine in a slightly opposite direction, which allows the piston to take a ‘running start’, making it easier to start the engine with a small amount of power.

The Start Solenoid, acting as an automatic choke system ensures rich air fuel mixture and provides the convenience of one time start at any point of time.

2. Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI): It injects the right amount of fuel in cylinder based on specific engine data and constant feedback from the 5 intelligent sensors. It results in smooth and linear power output throughout.

3. Tumble Flow: Honda developed the world’s first tumble flow technology through integrated die-casting process. The enhanced Smart Tumble Technology (eSTT) produces tumble flow by optimizing inlet port shape and using reverse flow phenomenon, without adding additional components leading to combustion improvisation.

4. Friction Reduction: Offset Cylinder, compact weight crankshaft & optimized piston reduces overall engine friction. Optimized weight results in improved fuel efficiency.

2023 Honda Dio HSmart Launched With Many Updates

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