Saturday, December 9, 2023

2023 Yamaha FZ V4 Vs FZ V3 – Difference Comparison

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Yamaha has updated its FZ range with version 4 making its way with a mix of updated styling, more sophisticated design, and high-end features. The new version stands out in key areas of performance and has got the big responsibility of taking the legacy associated with the FZ range forward with aplomb. Here’s a close look at what new changes have manifested on FZ-S V4 and how the new version compares against the outgoing model:

1) Redesigned headlamp cluster on the FZ-S V4 is brighter and the LED unit looks far better in terms of its overall aesthetics compared to the older model. FZ-S V3 feels a bit dated and old-school in its facia styling but that doesn’t mean it can be designated a dull or boring design by any means.

2) LED indicators will not be a part of the equipment on the FZ-S range although, on the top-trim DLX, this feature is likely to become offered as a standard feature. These indicators with LED elements do make a style statement and are worth the extra money.


3) Another important change is the all-new digital instrument cluster that makes FZ-S V4 a decent purchase option. The LCD unit in the new version comes with an extra dose of premium feel and features attractive readouts, housings, and layout for enticing prospective buyers to its fold.

4) Availability of the traction control system on the top variant of FZ-S V4 helps it distinguish it from the V3 model in the series. The single-channel ABS system is a standard feature in the FZ-S range and hence the addition of traction control could make a big difference in enhancing the appeal of the bike among buyers.


5) E20 Fuel Compatible: FZ-S V4 is one of the handfuls of options available in the Indian market which can run on ethanol-blended petrol. While this is good from the perspective of environment as well as cost, the best thing is that this compatibility hasn’t robbed the motorcycle of its performance. The new version continues to offer similar levels of performance with 12.4PS and 13.3Nm on tap as before.

4) Price: FZ-S V4 has been priced at Rs 1.27 lakh which is Rs 3000 more than the asking price of Rs 1.24 lakh of FZ-S V3 (Deluxe). Tthe small premium in the price is still not justified given the extra features and updated styling the new version offers to prospective buyers because it has the performance of a 125cc with the price of a 200cc motorcycle.

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