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Audi Odd And Even Number Model Will Now Be Distinct

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Audi is undertaking a comprehensive change in the naming methodology of its vehicles. In future, Audi’s even-number models are likely to be sold in the market as purely electric vehicles (EVs). This means that the upcoming model of A4 that is currently under the testing will replace the existing A5 while the next-gen A6 will debut as the A7 model. However, the E-Tron suffix that is being used by Audi in its EVs will continue to remain part of the nomenclature. It is also important to notice that the electric version of the flagship A8 has already been announced for its debut in the year 2024 and the model could go on sale under the name of A8 E-Tron.

S-badged models are also speculated to arrive with higher outputs but there is no clarity about the future of these Sportback models. Perhaps, Audi will continue to sell them in the market with a Sportback name, a credential that differentiates them from the regular sedan and wagon versions. We are likely to see them with badging like S5 and S7 corresponding to A5 and A7, helping potential buyers to identify with their sporty nature and powerful credentials.

Audi Q4 Sportback 50 e-tron quattro
Audi Q4 Sportback 50 e-tron quattro

Audi is also planning to appeal to the performance buds of drivers by floating the concept of electric RS models. Expect the RS6 E-Tron to make its way to the market with comprehensively more power and torque on offer. The primary thing that makes electric offerings of Audi different from others is the separate platform that the company has specifically dedicated to spawning EVs. There is no sharing of the platform between company’s EVs and ICE vehicles which is a good thing to boost performance and offer unique personalities to EV models.

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