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2024 Mercedes EQA and EQB Facelift Revealed Globally

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Now the EQA and EQB are becoming even more attractive to newcomers and those switching to electric vehicles – thanks to fresh looks, numerous efficiency updates and new, useful features. MBUX with improved voice control and driving assistance systems are updated; with Plug & Charge charging technology and optional Sound Experiences, innovations from the larger model siblings are making their way into the compact class. For the first time, a trailer hitch[1] is available as an optional extra for the EQB with five seats.

The updated versions of the EQA and EQB can be ordered starting in the fall of 2023 and will arrive at European dealers right at the beginning of 2024.

Updated exterior and interior design
With a newly designed black panel surface with its star pattern[2] at the front, the EQA and EQB visually catch up with their larger model siblings. A light band connects the daytime running lights of the headlights while a new bumper emphasises the broad effect of the vehicle front. The designers have also changed the insides of the taillights. The innovations in the interior include the current-generation steering wheel with touch control panels as well as the trim in brown lime open-pore wood[3], Mercedes-Benz pattern[4] and backlit Mercedes‑Benz pattern[5].

2024 Mercedes EQA and EQB Facelift Revealed Globally

Longer range through technical optimisation
With extensive detail, the engineers at Mercedes-Benz have been able to increase the ranges of the EQA to up to 560 kilometres[6] according to WLTP. The measures include aerodynamic optimisation and highly rolling-resistance-optimised tyres. The new range-maximisation function is helpful in everyday use: energy consumers such as the display or air conditioning can be switched off or their functionality limited in favour of more range.

Trailer hitch1 as special equipment for the EQB
For the EQB with five seats, a trailer hitch including ESP® trailer stabilisation is available as an option for the first time. The maximum braked towing capacity is 1,400 or 1,700 kg (disclosures for front-wheel drive/4MATIC version).

2024 Mercedes EQA and EQB Facelift Revealed Globally

Easier and more convenient charging with Plug & Charge
With the Mercedes me Charge[7] Plug & Charge function, the latest EQA and EQB models can be charged even more conveniently at Plug & Charge-enabled public charging points: when the charging cable is plugged in, the charging process starts automatically; customers do not need to additionally authenticate themselves. The vehicle and charging station communicate directly via the charging cable.

Up to four Sound Experiences
Different sound worlds that allow individual acoustic setups are familiar from the larger all-electric models from Mercedes-Benz. Now these Sound Experiences are also available for the EQA and EQB in conjunction with the optional Burmester® surround sound system. In addition to “Silver Waves” and “Vivid Flux,” two further sound worlds can be unlocked online as part of the Individualisation Package (optional equipment).

2024 Mercedes EQA and EQB Facelift Revealed Globally

Central display as standard
EQA and EQB feature an updated generation of MBUX. The appearance of the displays can be customised with three display styles (subtle/sporty/classic) and three modes (navigation/assistance/service). As part of the slightly changed offer logic, the central display is now part of the standard equipment. The presentation of the charging features within MBUX has also been improved. By activating online services in the Mercedes me app [8], the intelligent voice assistant becomes even more capable of dialogue and learning.

Dolby Atmos® optionally available for an immersive audio experience
The optional Burmester® surround sound system, in conjunction with the newer MBUX generation, features the immersive Dolby Atmos® audio experience. This gives music more space, clarity and depth. In addition, Dolby Atmos® adapts to the playback environment so listeners can hear music almost as clearly as the original vision of the artists in the studio.

2024 Mercedes EQA and EQB Facelift Revealed Globally (5)

Driving assistance systems with improved sensor technology
Improved sensor technology includes a new mono-multipurpose camera and a new backup camera. The optional Driving Assistance package contains improved functions in detail. For example, Active Lane Keeping Assist now works more comfortably with steering intervention instead of ESP.

Net-carbon-neutral production
Since 2022, production at all of Mercedes-Benz’s own passenger car and van plants worldwide has been net carbon neutral. This includes the plants in Rastatt (Germany) and Kecskemét (Hungary) responsible for the production of the EQA and EQB, as well as the battery plants in Kamenz (Saxony) (Mercedes-Benz subsidiary Accumotive) and in Jawor (Poland). Mercedes-Benz has also made the net-carbon-neutral production of battery cells a key requirement for battery cell partners. This enables the production emissions of a cell to be reduced by around 30%. A further reduction of carbon footprint is targeted through emissions reduction in the cathode material and the use of renewable energies in the production and refinement of raw materials.

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