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2026 Lexus ES Electric Option Incoming – To Be A Big Facelift!

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Lexus is currently preparing a new version of the ES sedan; This version is expected to have a revised exterior and new powertrain options. Lexus Group will launch a full-size sedan with a compact profile. The sedan is almost a premium model, with a slightly different front end compared to the current ES, thanks to the missing grille. Instead, a simple horizontal bar connects to the new lights, which feature a simple and modern LED design. The bumper is highly integrated and consists of three triangular parts highlighted by elegant chrome. The features a redesigned rear end with LED taillights, sharper tail-lights and a revised bumper.

Lexus ES retains the styling and trim of the current model with a sleeker look instead of a full-body design. This mirrors the approach of its Toyota counterpart, the Camry, which has been updated for the ninth generation. The Lexus’ latest production and concept car showed a gradual evolution towards pure expression. The new Lexus ES may retain the standard TNGA-K platform. However, the latest patent reveals that a major revision has been made to the powertrain.

2026 Lexus ES Electric Option Incoming - To Be A Big Facelift!

The ES350e and ES500e variants are expected to have fully electric engines, a first for the brand. Additionally, the ES350h may feature a new powertrain and AWD capabilities. Lexus has not yet announced a specific launch date for the new ES series. Considering that the sixth-generation Lexus ES was launched in 2018 and revised in 2021, it is possible that the company will launch the new generation at the beginning of 2025, that is, in 2025 or 2026.

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