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2024 Tata Tiago CNG AMT Review, Road Test

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Tata is on a roll when it comes to product launches. The launch of CNG twin cylinder models which are already popular thanks to practicality on offer at first glance. Nothing like combining all of this together and make it available in times when fuel prices are high, demand is changing and so is the need to clean up the environment. CNG helps in every way and it has always been on the radar of the consumer. Waiting for the warranty to get over so CNG can be fitted are things of the past now. Tata has gone two steps ahead and delivered boot space with twin-cylinder idea and now added AMT as well. All this sounds like a game changer? How is it? WE find out as we have already spent quality time with Tiago many times in many forms including the CNG manual and now automatic as well.

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On the inside, the build and quality are quite good. Texture plastic makes way for a very good feel-good ambiance. The stowage is good, charging points are in plenty, and overall a very practical cabin. You get a touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. The sound system is excellent considering the segment. The dials are lifted of premium cars of Tata’s portfolio. The horn button is really nicely placed, unlike its rivals. Projector lamps, steel wheels, halogen lights, LED DRLs, a slightly old school instrument cluster, manual IRVM, parking sensors, electric ORVM, armrest and start-stop button are on offer. Steering-mounted controls, a very good infotainment system, and enough features make the hatch a great purchase in this segment at this price point.

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The space is quite good too in true Tata hatchback tradition. The shoulder, head, leg, and knee rooms are segment standard and better as always than all its rivals. The boot space is midly compromised now instead of entirely. A 70% redemption of the boot over the previous CNG cars is a huge win for customers. Road and wind noise are acceptable inside the car despite being an entry level car. The safety kit includes ABS and EBD with two airbags that come as standard. The car is four-star rated but CNG and EV require separate testing. After all, the Tiago was only tested with ICE engine only.

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A petrol 1.2-liter engine making 73 PS and 95 Nm of torque is almost a free-revving engine. However, the engine is low on NVH. The 3-cylinder boom is well-contained unless you are pushing it like a rally driver. The clutch is light and so is the gearbox to operate. The twins deliver spectacular fuel economy on the highway and city. We saw the claimed number on the Mumbai-Pune highway of 19 km/l on the CNG mode and petrol delivered 16 km/l. Switching to CNG and petrol mode was convenient and helped us achieve a good tank range which showcased that the combination of both these is an ideal replacement for diesel. Not entirely economical but driving far off with filling up less. Our moto with the CNG twins was how much they could do with one tank of CNG and petrol and they reached 580 km with a bit of careful driving. We expected a bit more from when it comes to these numbers.


Low and mid-range are good in CNG mode and the top-end is not that great. Switch to petrol and then you can rev it higher to get more power to the fullest. The Tiago can cruise at legal speeds easily and overtaking is not a big issue, unless you are fully loaded which can be a bit of a struggle on inclines of hills and not city flyovers. This makes it good enough for city duties. Tata claims CNG fills faster and we can only see a small change over other cars which was confirmed by other CNG car owners at the pump.

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Like most Tata cars, the low to medium ride quality is stiff which lends great body control at low speed. However, the compliance is enough that we can rate this ride quality, excellent! Ground clearance was also well-matched for our roads despite it isn’t close to being an SUV. The suspension setup is spot-on in many ways thanks to a very sophisticated setup used in both cars over the petrol counterpart and way ahead of its peers.

The high-speed ride is rock solid on any given highway. Body roll increases as speeds get higher while taking a corner or changing lanes at high speeds. The car continues to be stable in the situation regardless of the road or corners. Steering is light, precise, and has great feedback on offer which makes the car fun and 100% confidence-inspiring to push harder. The brakes are good with a well-done pedal bite. Overall, very easy to drive and quite fun to drive by far compared to all their rivals.

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2024 Tata Tiago CNG AMT Review, Verdict

There is no denying Tata cars have come of age. CNG and petrol combination offers a very good range which fills the gap physically for the diesel as well. The AMT CNG with boot space returned back is the biggest highlight of all time. Fun to drive, contemporary looks, and solid pricing strategy which include offering a bit more premium to consumers with CNG as well have helped the brand do well since its launch. Tata has numbers all right, but it still needs to work on quality and reliability as most other aspects seem sorted. A bit more space in the service centers would be appreciated as well. Overall, the engineering, value and practicality clear help you take the risk and if it pays off, it is destined to change you commute.

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